Sean Ford & Taylor Reign Seduce The Lens & Burn Retinas @ CockyBoys

For some reason, watching CockyBoys Exclusives Sean Ford & Taylor Reign together feels like a victory and that we’ve all somehow maybe won something, though not exactly sure what that thing is, except the prize is getting to be pure voyeurs upon witnessing these two lithe bodies intermingle, titillate and mesmerize each other in total lust, ecstasy as yearning only at CockyBoys.

“THEY” say L.A is all about youth, partying, nightlife, fame and Hollywood, so perhaps it’s that Ford & Reign, in a matter of speaking, represent what we mere mortals believe goes on in the City of Dreams behind closed doors, but we get invited to the party in which Sean & Taylor happily succumb to afternoon delight seducing the lens and burning our retinas now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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