Staxus Previews Upcoming 2018 Period Piece Costume Movie Tentatively Titled “REFUGEE”

Now, Staxus totally has the right idea!

We’ve long felt studios have to really give fans something worthwhile for their money and just go for it all the way with costuming and a good storyline, as one does not necessarily need to aim for Oscar-caliber acting, but it’s still vital for porn studios to show they can deliver a full balanced product.

Euro twink and twock company Staxus has released these preview stills from its upcoming 2018 period piece costume movie tentatively titled “REFUGEE” which stars extremely hot rosy-lips hung newcomer Charlie Keller.

Based on the snapshots alone, it appears Staxus is definitely putting emphasis on detail and aesthetic, as well as making sure the cast is loaded with hotties looking to pull out their swords for the battle of the bulge coming in 2018 only at Staxus.

According to producer John Smith “REFUGEE” is based on “A true story on small castle, south of Bohemia” as there are so many historical figures and tales which gay porn has ignored for far too long, but it is time now for the gay XXX industry to get back to some of its roots and produce more costume themed productions, so kudos to Staxus.

Sure, budgets are not what they once were, as no one is delusional enough to think otherwise, but this sort of effort from Staxus offers a glimmer of hope in creativity and just daring to explore.

The porn landscape has changed due to easier access to technology, social media and a plethora of apps which allow consumers to create their own adult content, so studios must up the ante when it comes to creating content, so “REFUGEE” already looks like a breath of fresh air in the 18-23 gay XXX genre from Staxus.

P.S. This is NOT a parody of “Game of Thrones” nor is it fantasy, just in case some were wondering.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus

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