Austin Wilde Really Did Pop Corbin Colby @ GuysInsweatPants

GuysInSweatPants has been holding out on us!

GuysInSweatPants reveals fat cock porn star stud Austin Wilde had his way with then curly-haired curvy caboose jock Corbin Colby and it’s truly a thing of booty beauty only at GuysInSweatPants.

Austin really loves popping Corbin now at GuysInSweatPants!

Video footage © and courtesy GuysInSweatPants

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2 Responses to Austin Wilde Really Did Pop Corbin Colby @ GuysInsweatPants

  1. Mitch says:

    I’m thrilled that GSP is back. I joined in fall 2016 for a month to download my favorites, as it looked like the site was circling the bowl and I wanted to grab them before it shut down entirely. But dang — I missed a couple Corbin Colby scenes and totally didn’t make the connection that it was the same super hottie from Helix. Lots of great scenes at GSP, however, and I enjoy the long, uninterrupted cuts. Sadly I canceled months before they started introducing new content, but it looks promising.

  2. michaelPh8 says:

    okay – I’m going to have to buy a sub for sweatpants in order to get these early Corbin Colby scenes. I love when he first started out and had that long beautiful head of hair and an amazing muscle butt. AND Austin Wilde NEVER goes easy on a Twink ;p

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