Helix Studios Exclusive Newcomer Sean Ford Was Born Model Ready

Helix Studios has done its fair share of photoshoots over the years, but this latest one is a total knockout!

Helix Studios Exclusive newcomer Sean Ford was born model ready and the glam shots offer the proof in the pudding at Helix Studios.

Sean knows how to make love to the camera, he knows how to position his body for the camera, he knows how to essentially look past the camera as if it were not there at all, he knows which angles seem to best work for him and he definitely knows how to strut in fashion wear, so we have to thank the gene gods and Helix Studios.

Ford has the goods to give male fashion models a real run for their money, but all of his fans are glad to have him strutting his sexy physique cache for XXX now at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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One Response to Helix Studios Exclusive Newcomer Sean Ford Was Born Model Ready

  1. Gerard JEANNE says:

    Very beautiful boy. I fall in love With Sean Ford

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