(In Memorial) Rest In Power: Cameron Fox (1977-2014)

There was a time during the 1990’s gay porn industry pantheon when stars were truly stars whom did not need to pander for adult fame, rather, they simply let their work speak loudly and proudly.

Cameron Fox was one such person.

I learned yesterday we lost the devilishly handsome Texan to this world, but his star will always shine brightly in the gay male XXX industry because Cameron was among the elite of exceptional performers.

It almost feels wrong to remember Fox for his 9″ girth and sexy persona, but the first time I laid eyes on this stud back in 1999 when he was contracted at Falcon Studios, I knew instantly he would be one to watch.

I never once felt as though Cameron was phoning in a performance. He was virile, engaged and present at all times. He gave more than 100% to his action scenes. Fox knew how to give his partners and his fans what they wanted to see. The mark of a real porn star.

Some guys are just truly built to mesmerize us with their presence in the dominion of XXX and Cameron possessed all of the magic necessary to blaze in front of our eyes.

It’s hard to pick just one specific favorite performance amongst Fox’s body of work, but his rapid-fire drilling prowess and his keen awareness of his own sexual prowess simply elevates any entry in his porn vitae.

They say one should never met their idols. However, back in 2000, I had the pleasure of meeting Cameron by chance while I was having lunch at a West Hollywood eatery. Fox was charming, respectful, humble and swoon-worthy, traits becoming of his Southern roots.

As the years went on and Cameron left the gay industry, I never forgot any of the outstanding performances he delivered to the business. I honestly feel many of today’s porn models should look to his videography as a source of inspiration, as Fox really had the “IT” factor without ever trying too hard.

I hope he is resting in power and peace. Thanks for all that you gave of yourself, Cameron!

Image © and courtesy Falcon Studios


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3 Responses to (In Memorial) Rest In Power: Cameron Fox (1977-2014)

  1. T. Hart says:

    I became great friends with Shane (Cameron Fox) while he lived in San Diego. We spent a lot of fun times together and laughed so much it hurt! He was so humble and always well manored.
    My friends were in awe of him but to me he was my great friend Shane. Someone I trusted and loved to spend tine with whether we we just chilling, or shopping or eating out, or cooking or entertaining guests.
    I will nevet forget you Shane.

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