Paddy O’Brian & Dani Demon: “In My Dreams” Hunk Pound @ Gods of Men

Gods of Men knows that “In My Dreams” there’s a hunk pound just like the one sexy Paddy O’Brian unleashes upon Dani Demon at Gods of Men.

Video footage © and courtesy Gods of Men

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Prison Penile-ty! Darius Ferdynand & Daniel James @ UKNakedMen

UKNakedMen delivers this extended preview clip featuring juicy, thick uncut dong jock Daniel James doling out a brute force prison penile-ty to stud hottie Darius Ferdynand only at UKNakedMen.

Video footage © and courtesy UKNakedMen

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Daniel James & Adam Watson Swap Uncut Meat @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason jocks Daniel James & Adam Watson seem especially eager and quite hungry to swap uncut meat as they bury their bones in whichever orifice is available for licking now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Levi Karter’s Sexy Ass Plowed By Newcomer Justin Matthews @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys Exclusive Levi Karter is a sexy jock and this now award-winning stud demonstrates he truly deserves accolades for his give-it-your all performances, so watch as this talented wonder surrenders his ass to getting plowed by tasty newcomer Justin Matthews now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Evan Parker & Liam Riley: Boy Cherry Plucking Day @ Helix Studios

It’s a beautiful day in the Helix Studios gayborhood because sexy low-hangers Helix Studios Exclusive Evan Parker is back to boy cherry pluck plump rump Helix Studios Exclusive Liam Riley, but the real sunshine treat is the deliciously sweet goods these two swap, as both savor the dream of cream in the afternoon now at Helix Studios.

You can tell Liam knows how to make his bottoming literally pop on camera because he arches his curvy derriere to match up with Evan’s link and loins casing his rosy hole at Helix Studios.

Images & Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Dominic Couture Splashes Tyler Rivers’ Hole Banks @ Videoboys

Videoboys knows when it has a hot commodity on its hands to pour out our way, so watch Dominic Couture splashes sexy twink newcomer Tyler Rivers’ hole banks now at Videoboys.

Video footage © and courtesy Videoboys

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Rocco Alfieri Hungers For a Jason Clark Bar @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami once again flirts with another relatively yummy new face as dark-haired hottie Rocco Alfieri demonstrates his hunger for a sexy Jason Clark bar at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Billy Rubens & Matteo Valentine: Fuck That Interview @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive yummy twunk Billy Rubens is up for the job but eventually says fuck that interview when he acquires the attention of sexy hunk Matteo Valentino, so what’s a boy to do but put his uncut cock to work now at Staxus!

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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Tayte Hanson Delivers Astonishing Hard Cock Ache To Joey LaFontaine @ CockyBoys

You’ve seen the initial CockyBoys preview, but now watch hard-bodied jock stud hunk CockyBoys Exclusive newcomer Tayte Hanson deliver quite the astonishingly hard cock ache to cute twink Joey LaFontaine in this extended preview of their scene now at CockyBoys.

It is difficult to imagine that Hanson would not be considered for some industry awards in the future, that is, if he continues to deliver exciting performances like his first two outings at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Jimmy Durano & Chris Bines: “Alpine Wood” Cock Drift @ Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios makes our loin shiver and spines tingle as uber hunk Jimmy Durano gets cozy with sexy stud Chris Bines for “Alpine Wood, Part 1″ cock drift now at Falcon Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Falcon Studios

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Landon Conrad & Adam Wirthmore: “San Francisco Meat Packers” Choice Cuts @ Raging Stallion Studios

Raging Stallion Studios really rolls out the hunk beef when Landon Conrad’s choice cock cuts jock Adam Wirthmore’s hole deep in “San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1″ only at Raging Stallion Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Raging Stallion Studios

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Kayden Gray & Axel Pierce: Pummel Power Too @ HardBritLads!

HardBritLads’ super thick stud jock Kayden Gray rides again by flexing his pummel power prowess in Axel Pierce’s sweet glute at HardBritLads.

Video footage © and courtesy HardBritLads

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Darius Ferdynand & Daniel James: Bar-By-Bar @ UKNakedMen

If UKNakedMen fans feel like getting slammed, then join Darius Ferdynand & Daniel James in a lawfully colossal cock bar-by-bar blow out only at UKNakedMen.

Video footage © and courtesy UKNakedMen

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Tony Gys & Mateo Stanford: Hunkered Down in “Madrid Stories” @ Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn studs Tony Gys & Mateo Stanford are deeply hunkered down in buddy shafting to the max as friends share and share alike in “Madrid Stories” now at Kristen Bjorn.

Video footage © and courtesy Kristen Bjorn

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Doug Acre & Jacques LaVere: Really Big Wicks @ ExtraBigDicks

ExtraBigDicks blows out really big wicks when Doug Acre & Jacques LaVere shack up to shaft up the night at ExtraBigDicks.

Video footage © and courtesy ExtraBigDicks

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The Sky Isn’t The Limit! Sky James Bangs Brendon Lee @ Blake Mason

The sky isn’t the limit at Blake Mason when slim hung jock Sky James bangs Brendon Lee silly and clouds his brain cells now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Tayte Hanson’s Passionately Intense Hammering of Joey LaFontaine @ CockyBoys

Oh, CockyBoys fans, where do I begin?

Well, well, well, folks, I do declare that CockyBoys Exclusive newcomer Tayte Hanson was simply built for gay porn!

Hanson drips total jock stud from head to toe, but his passionately intense hammering of yummy Montreal twink hottie Joey LaFontaine just further demonstrates that his manly specimen is hell bent on making us love him.

We do, we do, we do believe in Hanson! No, not the brotherly boy band! Haha.

Tayte undeniably mates with another mate with such aggressive force that if you lean in closer to your screens, well, I think you feel his magnetism emanating as blood rushes to your penis.

Do watch Hanson nail the aura out of LaFontaine now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Riley Tess’ Locker Room Hole Test @ UKHotJocks

UKHotJocks gets really dirty and steamy in the locker room when sexy furry bottom Riley Tess puts his hole to the ultimate test backing his glute against a very large gym buddy now at UKHotJocks.

Video footage © and courtesy UKHotJocks

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Damien Crosse & Logan Vaughn: Manly Meat Massage @ Dominic Ford

Dominic Ford has a hefty slice of manly meat for us to massage when Cuban hunk Damien Crosse steams it up with muscle stud Logan Vaughn only at Dominic Ford.

Video footage © and courtesy Dominic Ford

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Pay In The Ass: Colby Keller & Joseph Rough “Roommate Wanted” @ NakedSword

NakedSword ends its “Roommate Wanted” series with a reminder that we should always check the fine print when renting any apartment because if you don’t, well, you might end up paying in the ass like Colby Keller does to Joseph Rough at NakedSword.

Video footage © and courtesy NakedSword

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Teach Me, Oh Hunk! Mitch Vaughn & Nick Simpson @ GayLifeNetwork

GayLifeNetwork hunk Mitch Vaughn is all about teaching twink Nick Simpson how to take a lesson in stud cock only at GayLifeNetwork.

Video footage © and courtesy GayLifeNetwork

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Dustin Gold: Sexy New Twink Member

19-year-old sexy-eyed 9″ top twink newcomer Dustin Gold is known around the L.A. dance club scene for his weekly go-go boy stints, but now the taut-bodied hard ass pounding model is on the cusp of a new beginning in the gay porn industry.

Dustin’s exotic looks are rooted in his Puerto Rican, Italian, French, Irish & Polish heritage. That’s quite the mouthful!

So, does all that gold make him bold? You’ll have to read what he has to say and then watch his work to decide.

I imagine referring to you as a “sexual” person is a major understatement. What is the origin of the evolution of Dustin Gold?

Growing up, I always loved to dance and be in that spotlight. I first started off at a club back in Connecticut called Exhibit X & Pulse as a go-go and tried out, so once I started, I saw that it was something I really enjoyed and people loved the performance or show I put on. Consistently dancing and taking the stage is what I love to do and having people say “Oh, you should do porn! You’re really hot and would be good for it because you could make the scene happen or put a good performance on!” That is how Dustin Gold came about. Part of me feels that Dustin Gold was always inside me, but was waiting for the right time for him to come out and shine.

Are you really a tough guy on the outside, or is that part of the image? Is there a sensitive side to you?

Being masculine and staying fit is part of an image, yes. But, yes, I have sensitive side and it can be shown if asked to on set or even if I’m having a bad day or something went wrong. You will see that, yes, I can be sensitive.

So, what’s the deal with the Bieber comparison? Is it cringe-worthy or something you embrace?

Here’s the thing with the Justin Bieber comparison. I hear that I look like him a lot and personally I respect him for the music and money he makes and the performances. But on a personal side, I don’t respect what he has done. For example, allegedly spitting on crowds, drug busts or hitting his limo driver. To me, that shows that he’s just a child still. When people say you look like Justin Bieber, I say “Thank you” and just think about the professional side of him. So, in other words, it’s 50/50.

Would you consider yourself to be cocky or just confident? Are you going for a specific look to engage gay porn lovers?

I don’t consider myself to be cocky. Yes, I am confident and take pride in what I do. For me, with looks, I just like to look my best. I like to look fresh and clean cut.

You’ve made it known that you’re a go-go boy at Tigerheat on a weekly basis. How did you go from that world to the gay porn industry? How do the two worlds overlap for you?

Tigerheat is an amazing club! It definitely has its perks. Working there on a regular basis and meeting not only teens, but meeting adults who have worked for the industry, or recruiters for the adult entertainment scene really is how I got involved. Hearing their comments from when they see me on stage to when I’m off and talking to them one-on-one and getting advice and tips is what really gave me the confidence to make that decision to be where I am today.

What expectations do you have for your life now considering everything you do centers around pushing sex?

Right now my expectations are just living life to the fullest and being safe. Do I want to continue this? Yes! Do I want to continue dancing? Yes! But I also want to have a family and have a relationship with someone who accepts me for who I am. Will me doing porn stop? Yes, of course! But I don’t know when that time is, so right now, I am just going to go with the flow, enjoy life and do what I do to make people happy, but also make myself happy.

Does your family know about the creation of your current brand as go-go boy and budding porn model? Are they at all heavily involved in your life?

My family loves me and supports me in what I’m doing and they understand I need to make a living as well. Having them as not only my family, but kinda like fans does help me, because at the end of the day they are proud of me and it pushes me and gives me the drive to do what I love.

You have quite the long cock. Are you adamant about performing in porn as a top only, or are you willing to bend and bottom at some point?

I love to top and I love my dick. Haha. Yes, I do like to take over and take control and be the one in charge, but I do like to be handled well too! I would be willing to bottom for a scene, but that would not be a consistent thing. Maybe once or twice but that’s a ways down the road! Haha.

How did you come to be hired by Helix Studios & Next Door Twink. What was the process like for you with both companies as a newcomer?

For Next Door Twink, I honestly think I was just online applying for them and I got an e-mail within 24 hours telling me I was accepted for a shoot in San Francisco, so the process was quick and easy. Working for them when I got there, however was good, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I got hired by Helix Studios when I applied online but also my friend was a recruiter for them. All I can say about Helix Studios is that it’s an amazing company and it’s something that I am very grateful to be apart of. Being a newcomer for Helix Studios was a little awkward and uncomfortable at first because I didn’t think I had the look like the other models did. But hanging out with the models and directors they made me feel very welcomed and excited to help me start off my career. I have nothing but respect for the Helix Studios brand and I’m happy to be apart of that family.

Do you generally prefer guys your own age or do you gravitate more towards older men?

I’m not really a picky person when it comes to age. To me, age is just a number! Of course, they have to be legal, so I don’t go to jail! But what I’m really attracted to is a guy that is honest, great personality and has his life together, or at least something going on. 

Finally, where would you like to be in your life a year from now? Plus, how can fans keep tabs on the ever-changing journey of Dustin Gold?

A year from now I would still like to be doing what I’m doing. Again, that’s just me living life to the fullest and not planning out what I’m going to do at what time of day. My fans are my everything to me. Without my fans, Dustin Gold wouldn’t be around. I want my fans to know that being a “GoldMember” isn’t just liking the page and the video and saying “Great job, sexy!” Being a “GoldMember” is so much more than that because I make sure that my fans know that I love and respect each and every one of them. That is why they can tweet me personally or add me on my personal Facebook or Snapchat me. At the end of the day, I will not have an ego or be like one of those famous people who just show up for a meet and greet for the money, run and don’t care about their fans.

Thanks, Dustin! I hope gay porn fans and COPBlog readers now have a better understanding of what you’re about as a person and performer.

Look for more of Gold’s new scenes coming soon!

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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“Night Heat” Thripple: Dario Beck, Hunter Marx & Justin King @ TitanMen

TitanMen Exclusives Dario Beck & Hunter Marx join forces with furry UK hunk Justin King to create a “Night Heat” thripple sending our hard paddles into blazing saddles now at TitanMen.

Video footage © and courtesy TitanMen

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Preview: Bulldog Pit’s “Snatched 2″

Bulldog Pit keeps the dirty jock shenanigans coming in “Snatched 2″ featuring cock-grabbing hole antics ala big pricks and plump rumps from the likes of Darius Ferdynand, Justin Blake, Luke Desmond, Daniel Johnson, Alfie Bee & Alex Allure direct from the wicked mind of Ashley Ryder at Bulldog Pit.

Images © and courtesy Bulldog Pit


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Stone Cold Night: Dylan Knight “Cock Rockers” Blake Stone @ Jet Set Men

It’s a stone cold knight of hard dicks at Jet Set Men when big wang jock Dylan Knight “Cock Rockers” bubbly butt twunk Blake Stone at Jet Set Men.

Video footage © and courtesy Jet Set Men

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Dan Broughton, McKensie Cross & Paul Walker: 3-Fold Hold @ MEN of UK

MEN of UK features a sexy threefold hold with Dan Broughton, McKensie Cross and Paul Walker ringing rosebud rungs in “Disconnected” only at MEN of UK.

Video footage © and courtesy MEN of UK

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