Bel Ami’s Danny Defoe, Nino Valens, Jean-Luc Bisset, Adam Archuleta & Orri Aasen Sweat It Up Hard

The Bel Ami lads are really going to be sweating it up hard in July at Kinky Angels!

Bel Ami lovelies Danny Defoe, Nino Valens & Jean-Luc Bisset can’t wait to strip out of their singlets as they pin each other with poles in a frenzy fever, plus jock star Adam Archuleta pokes his girthy rod up jock Orri Aasen’s hungry chute, so don’t miss this steamrolling action only at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Dato Foland & Allen King Erupt In Lusty Loins @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys’ summer is off to a sizzling start!

CockyBoys Exclusive Allen King is already one of the most seductive performers to come out of Spain in quite some time, but now he’s reached the point where his mere presence in ANYTHING has the capacity to make our body heat rise, so imagine the scintillating treat of watching him mix is up with incredibly sexy fat cock hunk Dato Foland in this extended preview only at CockyBoys.

Foland & King are FAR from phoning it in here and Allen & Dato have the arduous task of keeping the flame alive without burning our retinas whence they erupt in a lusty loins dalliance not even a whole firefighter brigade could extinguish now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Justin Owen & Calvin Banks Mean To Fuck @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios jocks aren’t kidding around when it comes to bed knob cock rocking!

Helix Studios Exclusive studs Justin Owen & Calvin Banks are quite intent on some intense spirited sex of the utmost pounding kind only at Helix Studios.

Owen & Banks mean to simply fuck as hard as they possibly can as they make the room shake and rattle now at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Nickie Smiles Really Gives Alex Sky The Shaft @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason’s extended preview clip demonstrates Nickie Smiles truly knows how to wield his long prod when it comes to glute sticking Alex Sky with a pile mile high landing only at Blake Mason.

Nickie really gives Alex the shaft treatment as the cock gliding nearly slides off the entire bed now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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GuysInSweatPants Preview: Cash Lockhart & Corbin Colby Make Some Steam

GuysInSweatPants has come on quite strong in the last year or so, but we are very thrilled by some of the uber sexy jock pairings they’ve conjured up for us at GuysInSweatPants.

It’s also fantastic they were able to nab colossally thick bubble stud Corbin Colby with his luxurious curls alongside yummy newcomer Cash Lockhart for a forthcoming romp sure to make some steam and cream soon only at GuysInSweatPants.

All Images © and courtesy GuysInSweatPants


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Eric Nero & Max Sargent Have A Pounding The Pavement “BLUEPRINT” @ TitanMen

TitanMen Exclusive Eric Nero and daddy hunk Max Sargent have really found the “BLUEPRINT” for a pounding the pavement business partnership at TitanMen.

It’s time for Eric’s long cock to cements its relationship to Max’s larger interest of drilling his ass on the job only at TitanMen.

The only crack in which Sargent wants to see is Nero’s nook whilst bent over for a bang-up deal now at TitanMen.

Video footage © and courtesy TitanMen

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Colton Grey & Cameron Diggs’ “FUCK YOU I’M FAMOUS” HARD TATTOO FUCK @ NakedSword

NakedSword storms in hard with sexy-eyes bubble jock stud Colton Grey & bad boy Cameron Diggs hammering it out in “FUCK YOU I’M FAMOUS” with a harder tattoo fuck tag only at NakedSword.

Diggs’ boner takes a major bite out of Grey’s curvy rump as the slam fucking reaches a feverish level now at NakedSword.

Video footage © and courtesy NakedSword

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Josh Brady & Logan Cross Are Doing It So Hard It’s Too Right @ Helix Studios

When Helix Studios gets things right, they really get them right!

Helix Studios Exclusive uber bubble buns twunk Logan Cross & jock newcomer Josh Brady seem almost as if they weren’t humping in front of a camera at all, but instead for their mere carnal pleasure after a sweaty soccer meet at Helix Studios.

Brady & Cross are doing it SO hard it’s TOO right at only at Helix Studios.

We’ve come to expound on the round mound virtues of Logan for a while now as his bottoming continues to exponentially excel, but new stud Josh is quite the natural in the boudoir and his athletic California skater-surfer aura has already created major waves and ripples in his debut now at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Dario Dolce Is Back To Dong Boff Twink Billy Montague @ Bel Ami

It has been far TOO long since we last saw brooding stud jock Dario Dolce at Bel Ami!

Bel Ami’s dark-haired bulging muscle specimen Dario is one of the hardest fucking tops on the roster and he’s out to nail twink hottie Billy Montague rather rigorously only at Bel Ami.

Click here to watch Dolce’s power dong rip through Montague’s glute chute now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Lucas Entertainment’s Immense “COCK CRAZE”

Lucas Entertainment has a seriously immense COCK CRAZE erupting and the hunks are hungrier than ever to fill their gullets and glutes with top notch prime beef, so join LE Exclusives Zander Craze, Derek Allan, Stas Landon, Logan Rogue & Giovanni Matrix with humongous wang porn star Rafael Carreras, Dylan James, Diego Summers & Mario Domenech in overindulgent boner beef bliss only at Lucas Entertainment.

Video footage © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment

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CockyBoys Director Jake Jaxson’s “BOYS OF SUMMER 2” Keep Sizzling

It’s a wonder the CockyBoys team gets ANY rest! Haha.

CockyBoys Director Jake Jaxson increases the swelter mode of merely just the second official day of Summer 2016 by releasing BOYS OF SUMMER 2  featuring heat-induced performances by CockyBoys Exclusives Levi Karter, Dillon Rossi, Liam Riley, Kody Knight & Damian Black with temperature cranking assists from Topher DiMaggio & Jason Maddox available now from CockyBoys.

Talk about leaving us in the dust with the factor of lust!

Images © and courtesy CockyBoys


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Helix Studios’ Shiny Bubble Butt Twunk Tyler Hill Stars In “BAREBACK BOYS 4”

Helix Studios Exclusive Tyler Hill is certainly one of the performers continuing to draw more and more fans to the San Diego based genre company with his supple derriere, so now the shiny bubble butt twunk stars in forthcoming release “BAREBACK BOYS 4” touting his incredibly curvy caboose only at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Benjamin Dunn Isn’t Done Plowing & Gaping Titus Snow @ Staxus

Staxus jock Benjamin Dunn is quite the hung stud fucker and uncut girth twock hottie Titus Snow is lustily looking to score a big splash inside his hole at the pool, so Dunn bends Snow over several times to prove he’s not done plowing and gaping him anytime soon now at Staxus.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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Matthew Anders & Nathan Hope Have A Slamming Good Time @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme’s sexy blond gent Matthew Anders decides he needs a dose of sultry French stud Nathan Hope’s delicious uncut cock and lasciviously open up only at Eurocreme.

Nathan is known to put on a slamming good time and Matthew yearns for the full impact of drilling now at Eurocreme.

Video footage © and courtesy Eurocreme

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Jo Diamond & Roscoe Hayes: It’s So Wet In There @ PHOENIXXX

PHOENIXXX twocks Jo Diamond & Roscoe Hayes might be snowed in with many inches, but it doesn’t stop them from steaming up the place when they hit the sauna for rump roasting in this extended preview at PHOENIXXX.

It’s extremely wet in there and Jo thinks Roscoe’s glute is in dire need of a few splashes from his cock thrusting now at PHOENIXXX.

Video footage © and courtesy PHOENIXXX

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Justin Owen & Calvin Banks: Total Hard Jock Fucking @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios studs are definitely committed to the art of the power bang!

Helix Studios Exclusive Justin Owen teams up with long tool newcomer Calvin Banks and together the two are in primal hole pillaging mode at Helix Studios.

You’ve never seen Justin like this before as Calvin more or less turns him to a super hungry bottom begging and pleading to be filled again and again with cock only at Helix Studios.

Banks seriously pounds Owen with all sorts of fierce might and Justin’s glute is fully packed with some major Calvin meat now at Helix Studios.

This is one superb ass plowing fest and quite the tutorial for total hard jock fucking from Helix Studios!

These two are practically made for a rump rumble!

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Eurocreme Newcomer Lucas Phelps Makes His Hole A Check-In For Kayden Gray’s Pole

Eurocreme twinks always want to stay extra close to wherever there are jocks with the biggest cocks!

Eurocreme’s tasty 18-year-old newcomer Lucas Phelps portrays a very handsy bottom eager to accommodate girthy stud Kayden Gray, so Lucas makes his hole a required check-in point for Kayden’s power pole in upcoming release “HOOK-UP HOSTEL” only from Eurocreme.

All Images © and courtesy Eurocreme


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Bel Ami’s Marc Ruffalo & Nate Donaghy Have Tender Knob Kisses @ Kinky Angels

Bel Ami lovelies Marc Ruffalo & Nate Donaghy reveal that it’s often the most shy guys ready and willing to arch their backs and spread the cheeks sky high once alone with a sexy top at Kinky Angels.

Marc guides dreamy long wang pup Nate to the tender knob kisses waiting for him as Ruffalo primes Donaghy’s wet hole for pucker pumping glory only at Kinky Angels.

Nate & Marc are total babes coming your way from Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami-Kinky Angels


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Killian James’ Cock Gets Even With Tommy Regan’s Hole @ Next Door World

Next Door World stud Killian James believes the punishment fits the crime when he goes after jock Tommy Regan for bullying at Next Door World.

Yes, James is out to show Regan he is not to be toyed with, but Killian’s tool certainly toys with Tommy’s butt for the hell he put him through only at Next Door World.

Killian’s cock gets royally even with Tommy’s hole and James’ tagging is meant to make sure Regan thinks long and hard about the consequences of dicking around now at Next Door World.

The message is clear: Tommy screwed with Killian but ended up being the one getting fucked at Next Door World!

Video footage © and courtesy Next Door World

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Josh Rider & James Castle Prove It’s Too Hot For Pants @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment studs often leave us panting quite hard!

Lucas Entertainment Exclusive newcomer Josh Rider & hunk James Castle prove it’s quite too hot for pants as they pull the rip-roaring cords in a feisty bedroom frolic of manly fever proportions only at Lucas Entertainment.

Rider & Castle might be flip fucking their hearts out but you’ll be averse to flipping the channel away from these two seductive men as Josh & James spice it up and slice up those lovely buns now at Lucas Entertainment.

Video footage © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment

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Dato Foland & Allen King Start Summer Scorching The Sheets @ CockyBoys

Well, CockyBoys has not wasted ANY time at all celebrating this day of Summer Solstice!

CockyBoys Exclusive super hottie Allen King teams up with uber sexy hunk Dato Foland in a romp setting fire to every cell in our bodies at CockyBoys.

It’s so abundantly clear King & Foland have the fever for each other and Dato’s stud dong is feverishly keen to put a new glistening shine on Allen’s gloriously steamy hole only at CockyBoys.

CockyBoys has started the summer scorching the sheets with King & Foland as the vessels by which our temperatures are raised as they burn up the bed in a fiery frolic now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Is Kyle Ross The Ultimate Dirty Blond @ Helix Studios?

Is twink star Kyle Ross the ultimate dirty blond in the history of Helix Studios?

There is not a cock which Kyle can’t take like a bottoming pro and there lively never will be!

Ross is certainly unabashed about his love of cock and that’s a great quality to have for lovers of Helix Studios.

Kyle is able to go from appealing to fans as a collegiate lad ready to take on an entire fraternity, insatiable cock craving gamer boy, a super bad fucker on the loose at night looking for the biggest cock on the planet, or simply a sunny beach blondie out to catch the wave of hot guys on the sand at Helix Studios.

Ross is the boss of the bottoms now at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Cum Aboard A Hot To Trot “GREECED LUBING” Shore Thing @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami has plenty of “Greeced Lubing” to share with us from “Last Summer in Greece” as hotties Kevin Warhol, Helmut Huxley, Bastian Dufy, Jerome Exupery, Torsten Ullman & Christian Lundgren cum aboard a few hot-to-trot stud shore things at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Nickie Smiles & Alex Sky: Cock Knock His Socks Off @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason model Nickie Smiles might at first glance make one think of a certain fictional boy wizard, but rest assured that is where the comparison ends, as Smiles definitely uses his long wand for rendering bottoms powerless to his will at Blake Mason.

Nickie has lured newcomer Alex Sky into his bed and he is going to perform one hell of a fuck spell on the lad only at Blake Mason.

Smiles’ boner blast and pumping really knocks the socks off Sky high now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Logan Cross & Josh Brady: Kick Starting A Cock Fuck @ Helix Studios

Well, well, well, Helix Studios, you kept a great secret from us, again!

Helix Studios Exclusive bubble plump model Logan Cross gets to play the field with studly jock newcomer Josh Brady and once they get home there’s some major punting going on at Helix Studios.

Logan lavishes oral praise on his soccer bud Josh’s juicy rod and then Cross takes over and gives us what he does best by riding Brady’s stiffy in utter insatiable bottom carnal mode only at Helix Studios.

The bucking is quite hard as Logan really activates some pelvic work into his grip on Josh, but Brady immediately showcases his topping prowess as a new face in porn whence his hip gyrations whilst balls deep in Cross demonstrates his flair for dominating a hole now at Helix Studios.

Talk about kick starting a cock fuck at Helix Studios!

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Kris Evans & Andrei Karenin’s Hard Body Bang Up @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami has the hard-bodies for all seasons!

Bel Ami superstar beefcake hunk Kris Evans teams up with smoldering jock stud Andrei Karenin for a chiseling wood frolic of a romp at Bel Ami.

If there’s any burrowing to be done, then rest assured that we can always count on Kris and he’s taking lascivious measure to ensure his power cock brings Andrei total boner bliss only at Bel Ami.

Click here to watch muscle hotties Evans & Karenin in a bulging hard body bang up now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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