Jessie Montgomery, Tyler Hill & Kody Knight Share A Lot Of Ass @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusives Jessie Montgomery, Tyler Hill & Kody Knight share in the ultimate roommate fantasy when bubble butt duo Jessie & Tyler attempt to get in some afternoon delight whilst Kody is away, but time has a way of catching up to them when Kody unexpectedly comes home to find Hill slobbing Montgomery’s knob at Helix Studios.

Knight spends some brief moments being a voyeur watching his roomie caught up in carnal heat and soon brings out his long trouser snake for Jessie & Tyler to slither down their hungry mouths only at Helix Studios.

Montgomery works his cock deep in Hill’s supple twock bubble and shows his blond boffing skills until Knight wants his turn slamming his meat between Tyler’s succulent cheeks, but three is not a crowd when Jessie, Kody & Tyler stack the place with bed rock cocking now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Victor Diamond & Hector Agusti: Italian Twock Stallion “Meats” Big Dutch Dick @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive pretty boy Italian twock Victor Diamond is in for a treat when he takes on Hector Agusti’s big Dutch dick in a “meating” his glute won’t soon forget at Staxus.

Victor’s gullet salivates at the prospect of Hector’s long dong and his hole hungers even more when Agusti power drills his hefty pole deep in Diamond’s sparkly minefield now at Staxus.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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Pierre Fitch Stuffs Twinky Seth Corrigan Full @ Videoboys

Check out the Videoboys extended preview clip of international porn star Pierre Fitch satisfying his appetite for all things twink hottie when he stuffs himself full of Seth Corrigan at Videoboys.

Fitch never passes up a chance to indulge in filling a freshly hungry pup like Corrigan and Seth’s hunger for being filled with Pierre’s prick goes on and on now at Videoboys.

Video footage © and courtesy Videoboys

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COPBlog Cock Chatter: Hung Aussie Twock Jaxon Radoc

Check out some COPBlog Cock Chatter with hung uncut girthy wang Aussie twock Jaxon Radoc:

What do you enjoy most about the gay porn industry?

“The thing that I enjoy about the industry as a whole is the opportunity it has given me to travel the world before I was 20. It has also given me as an entertainer the opportunity to meet some other amazing entertainers which I as a person have learned so much from, which I think has aided to keeping me grounded over the last two years. All in all, it has been an eye opening and educational experience for me.”

What do you dislike most about the gay porn industry?

 “Obviously the stigma that is attached to the industry. I also don’t like the way in which my ‘fans’ occasionally treat me as a piece of glorified meat. I think they forget that I am a person too. I have never been a person who is easily pressured into doing things I am not comfortable doing. I will always be in control of myself and my persona ‘Jaxon’ and I will never give people the chance to tarnish the brand I have built by myself. At the end of the day, I am an entertainer and not just a porn star. Many of my fans are only just coming across my music on iTunes which I released last year. I am very proud of how well my EP ‘Haze Pt One’ has done and recognition I have received as a musician.”

What would you like to change about the gay porn industry?

“I think that I have changed the industry to some extent. I think that I have somewhat broken the ideology that you need to be some ripped jock to do well in the industry. I, in the last two years, have grown at a phenomenal rate, even though I have a ‘fan base’ and viewership of two million plus people across the globe I have remained grounded, partially due to the fact I am not living in a country where porn cannot intrude into every aspect of my life. I feel a little sorry for other models who overexpose themselves and get caught  up in the politics of the industry, which we all know can be very harsh. Also, I aim to educate people about all the good and bad that makes up the gay porn industry. In my opinion, if you are aware and observant you are less likely to be taken advantage of, which happens all the time to young and desperate models who don’t stick to their guns and buckle to pressure. I have not once buckled to pressure of studios I have worked for which I think will aid in the longevity of my career and my presence in the gay porn sphere.”

Images © and courtesy Staxus-CockyBoys


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Eurocreme’s “Big Dicked Twinks” Mean Major Dicking

Eurocreme has assembled a bevy of hotties to ensure us just how much “Big Dicked Twinks” mean business when getting their holes reamed out by colossal dongs in an upcoming feature at Eurocreme.

Eurocreme features a host of fresh new faces and power tool stalwarts such as James Dixon, Luckas Layton, Kamyk Walker, AJ Alexander, Alex Silvers, Jack Green, Luke Vogel & Luke Tyler feeling the breadth of meaty poles at Eurocreme.

All Images © and courtesy Eurocreme


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A 3-Way We Can Get Behind: Tyler Morgan, Sam Truitt & Trent Ferris @ Next Door Twink

May I suggest to Next Door Twink that putting bubble butt twunk Tyler Morgan with sexy hung twock couple Sam Truitt & Trent Ferris is a hot 3-way idea we can all get behind at Next Door Twink?

Hey, Next Door Twink fans, can’t you just see Truitt & Ferris pounding Morgan’s curvy mounds at Next Door Twink?

All Images © and courtesy Next Door Twink


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Evan Parker & Greco Rai: Twock-To-Twink Tagged @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusive twock Evan Parker’s tush tagging of extra twinky 18-year-old uber slender newcomer Greco Rai certainly drives home the point that the San Diego based company is the cream of the twink genre crop and distinctively Helix Studios.

Parker makes Rai moan and whimper again and again and ordinarily such would be a distraction, but you actually feel and welcome Greco’s whiny delight as Evan plasters his hole with his hot cock prowess now at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Arne Coen & Scott Reeves Suckle Bulges @ Bel Ami

It’s quite easy for Bel Ami lovers to see why devilishly sultry jock Scott Reeves would want to release sexy-eyes twunk hottie Arne Coen’s fat prick from his undies at Bel Ami.

Coen & Reeves feverishly suckle hard bulges until Scott can resist no longer and sprays Arne’s pucker with sticky man glue now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Jack King Swells Colt Rivers’ Bubbly Banks In “Poolside 2″ @ Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios is pouring on the overflow of steamy studs in the sun when Jack King swells Colt Rivers’ bubbly banks in “Poolside 2″ only at Falcon Studios.

King slides his pole all sorts of splish splashy sideways in Rivers which leads to a rushing flow of gushing man juice now at Falcon Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Falcon Studios

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FX Rios & Mike De Marko: “Auto Erotic, Part 2″ Nuts & Bolts @ Raging Stallion Studios

Raging Stallion Studios studs FX Rios & Mike De Marko are throttling nuts and bolts in “Auto Erotic, Part 2″ as FX checks under Mike’s sexy furry hood at Raging Stallion Studios.

De Marko gets a jolt of Rios’ thick thunder volt as they power up sex machine loads now at Raging Stallion Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Raging Stallion Studios

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Alex Silvers & Craig Daniel’s Sleazy Reel Good Time Butt Roll @ UKNakedMen

UKNakedMen showcases ruggedly sexy hunk Craig Daniel as a slimy shutterbug out to take advantage of bubbly buns blond twink bottom Alex Silvers by dangling the cover of a magazine his way, but first Silvers will have to deliver some ass to Daniel only at UKNakedMen.

Alex & Craig put on a sleazy and lascivious reel good time flip flop butt roll now at UKNakedMen.

All Images © and courtesy UKNakedMen


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AJ Alexander Smokes Andro Maas’ Gingery Hole @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason’s extended preview features tattooed jock AJ Alexander continuing to deliver some deep forceful blows to ginger bubble bottom Andro Maas’ fiery hole at Blake Mason.

Watch AJ smoke Andro’s glute with some power plundering moves now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Yuri Adamov & Pyotr Tomek: Twink Towel Soakers @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive Yuri Adamov teams up with olive-skinned fat uncut dong twink newcomer Pyotr Tomek for one of its hottest duos yet as the two pups really crank up the heat at the saunas only at Staxus.

Yuri & Pyotr waste no time taking long deep dips inside each other via hungry gullets and Adamov’s sweet hole is gaped open to full splash effect by Tomek’s yummy meat in steamy pumping at Staxus.

Adamov & Tomek will definitely leave your towel soaked in twinky jizz poolside dreams now at Staxus.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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Jake Jaxson’s “Chillin’ With Dillon”-s Hefty Prong

CockyBoys Exclusive Dillon Rossi is the epitome of a jock with a silent but deadly killer smile, grin and hefty prong as he is intensely shy and unassuming, yet now the big dong stud’s prowess is celebrated in CockyBoys Director Jake Jaxson’s titular new release Chillin’ With Dillon showcasing the seductive dark-eyes star in performances alongside CockyBoys Exclusive Liam Riley & Max Carter plus Jasper Robinson, Joey LaFontaine, Sonny Stewart, Ben Rose, Jo Diamond & Asher Hawk available now here.

Images © and courtesy Jake Jaxson-CockyBoys


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Jamie Durrell & Scott Bennet’s Morning Munch Hole @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami’s new twunky hottie Jamie Durrell pairs up with curvy long wang jock dreamboat Scott Bennet for a morning munch hole feast only at Bel Ami.

Jamie & Scott need to feed, feed, feed and Bennet’s hunger is more insatiable as he slaps his sausage all over Durrell and then blows his cum protein shake now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Billy Santoro, Seth Santoro & Logan Moore Kick Off “So You Think You Can Fuck 5″ @ Dominic Ford

Dominic Ford and crew roar back with Season 5 of his gay XXX reality series “So You Think You Can Fuck” and this time the twist features married couple Billy Santoro & Seth Santoro teaming up with sexy Euro stud Logan Moore in a rail biting challenge at Dominic Ford.

Will Billy, Seth & Logan’s three-way heat be enough to sway votes in their favor and impress superstar porn judge Brent Corrigan? You’ll have to find out how far these three gents can go now at Dominic Ford.

Video footage © and courtesy Dominic Ford

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Boomer Banks & Alexander Gustavo: “Cruising For Ass” Bruising @ Hot House

Hot House is celebrating its 100th release and it has solicited the services of mega-monster meat hunk Boomer Banks and supple bubble jock Alexander Gustavo to tag us into the area of “Cruising For Ass” only at Hot House.

Boomer’s dong is quite the girthy force to be reckoned with and Alexander’s curvy mounds receive the tagging of their life in a total hole bruising destruction fuck now at Hot House.

Video footage © and courtesy Hot House

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Brent Corrigan & Chris Harder’s “VEGAS HUSTLE” Star Fucker @ NakedSword

NakedSword & Director mr.Pam have cooked up a hard pounding star fucker sizzler in “Vegas Hustle” as go-go stud Chris Harder comes face-to-face with bubble buns porn superstar Brent Corrigan in a high stakes game of “nail that hard eight” at NakedSword.

Watch as Corrigan & Harder poke their faces with seedy cock desires until Brent takes control and blazes Chris’ glute with his long rod now at NakedSword.

Video footage © and courtesy NakedSword

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Permanent Cock Residing In “Hot Property Twinks” @ EuroboyXXX

EuroboyXXX twinks should know better than to go check out listings on their own as they encounter butt horny realtors and dwellers in “Hot Property Twinks” from EuroboyXXX.

Join hung models Reece Bentley, Luke Vogel, Cameron James, Luke Tyler, Corey Connor, Riley Jordon, Casper Ellis & Scott Williams as they demonstrate that home is where the fuck hole is only at EuroboyXXX.

All Images © and courtesy EuroboyXXX


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Andy Taylor Serves Matt Klein Morning Meat @ Helix Studios

Have the Helix Studios staff been listening to pop star Christina Aguilera again? Haha.

The hot piece you nailed last night isn’t supposed to be around at the dawn of light to get himself some additional sex for breakfast, as he’s already been fed the previous night, but Helix Studios Exclusive twock Andy Taylor’s cock is so good that blond twink newbie Matt Klein wants to treat him for the treat he gave him at Helix Studios.

Klein isn’t so skilled in the kitchen but luckily for him Taylor is skilled in the bedroom, so Andy gives Matt some morning meat which is sure to stick to his stomach via his glute getting hammered hard ala spit-roasting twinky hole feasting now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Table Top Twinky Noah Matous @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive Noah Matous is a table top twink looking to have a few big cocks slung his way as he puts his wares out there for a few rounds of bottle batting at Staxus.

Do you have what it takes to serve up Noah a few shots of your wet whistle works at Staxus?

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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Leo Sweetwood & Raphael Marino: “Love Me Want Me Rent Me” Ream @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys has a way of making you see a performer in a different light than you previously conceived, thus bubble buns jock Leo Sweetwood is a ball of energy force of wacky nature commonly known for bottoming, yet when he teams up with sexy twock newcomer Raphael Marino he becomes this unknown hungry top in new series “Love Me Want Me Rent Me” at CockyBoys.

Leo navigates the mean streets of NYC in the nightly chase for paid in trade but his nabbing some time with Raphael results in Sweetwood living up to his name as he pummels Marino with some sweet wood now at CockyBoys.

All Images © and courtesy CockyBoys


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Elliott Blue Can’t Shield His Hole From Tanner Shields @ GuysInSweatPants

GuysInSweatPants heralds the long-awaited return of yummy twunk hottie Elliott Blue as he mixes it up with lengthy rod stud jock Tanner Shields as they work up a sweat at GuysInSweatPants.

Lucky for us, Elliott can’t shield his hole from Shields’ deep thrusting blows as his glorious round mounds take quite the packing and punching now at GuysInSweatPants.

Video footage © and courtesy GuysInSweatPants

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Adam Archuleta & Roald Ekberg: Cock Coaxing @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami’s super twunky bubble butt star Adam Archuleta seductively and teasingly coaxes blond jock Roald Ekberg out of his jeans for a roll in the hay only at Bel Ami.

Adam takes Roald in his mouth deep throat style and Ekberg feasts upon Archuleta’s dreamy knob as they suck and fuck the day away now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Brute Club’s Fat Long Tool @ HardBritLads

HardBritLads debuts total jock stud newcomer Brute Club with his sexy brooding face and fit hot bod revving up your loins at HardBritLads.

Brute’s fat uncut long tool is the stuff of what will make you drill as he tugs on his meaty member now at HardBritLads.

Video footage © and courtesy HardBritLads

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Bel Ami Has Another New Hottie In Charlie Dexter

Well, it looks as if Bel Ami has another new hottie in very tasty twock Charlie Dexter with his dreamy fresh pup alluring good looks and abs-licious smooth bod at Bel Ami.

Fans will fall deeply, madly, truly and utterly in love with Charlie when they look into his eyes and see the window to his hole only at Bel Ami.

Dexter comes equipped with a long wang which has a fat mushroom head, so allow yourselves to succumb to his spell now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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