Monday Memories: Ethan White’s Girthy Boner Slam Pumps Aaron Aurora’s Twink Ass @ EuroboyXXX

EuroboyXXX has a bevy of horny lads whom simply can’t keep their gullets from chomping down on fat cocks and they find it even harder not to get stuffed by thick pricks, so hung model Ethan White has no issue indulging Aaron Aurora’s craving for meat as his girthy boner slam pumps twink ass now at EuroboyXXX.

Video footage © and courtesy EuroboyXXX

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Logan Lech Hypnotizes Alex Couzens’ Hole With Snake Charm @ Staxus

Staxus’ hung twink Logan Lech discovers he can put his skill of mind persuasion to great usage by convincing fat cock newbie Alex Couzens that the only way to heal his concerns is to allow Logan to log some time with him on the couch, thus Alex is completely hypnotized by the snake charm up his butt now at Staxus.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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Austin Wilde, Liam Cyber & Justin Edwards Ream Pump Andrew Collins @ GuysInSweatPants

GuysInSweatPants has just gone glute gonzo crazy under the desert sun!

GuysInSweatPants powers into action with some intense hole tagging in the heat as Andrew Collins finds his hole under attack from the python plowing of Austin Wilde, Liam Cyber and new guy Justin Edwards as each stud takes a turn hammering his pole in a Andrews only at GuysInSweatPants.

Collins being ream pumped by Wilde, Cyber & Edwards just might be one of the hottest romps of the year to date now at GuysInSweatPants.

GuysInSweatPants totally delivered one hell of a piston throttle as Austin, Liam & Justin overload Andrew’s engine.

Video footage © and courtesy GuysInSweatPants

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Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol & Jerome Exupery Deal In Loads of Cock @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami will surely conjure up yearning beyond measure and bring us to our knees as hotties Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol & Jerome Exupery deal with loads of cock only at Bel Ami.

Harrer’s humongous girth has no bounds, so Warhol & Exupery feed and feed until they can no longer hold back on doing the ass packing deed at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Fuck These Famous Asses For Gay Porn Fame @ NakedSword

NakedSword sure knows how to glorify rumps and have us all star gazing at them as we celebrate by waxing our hard wicks!

NakedSword Exclusives Bray Love & Mickey Taylor are joined by Adam Ramzi, Jack Hunter, JJ Knight & Wesley Woods in our cheeky fan pleas to fuck these famous asses in the name of gay porn fame now at NakedSword.

It’s FUCK ME I’M FAMOUS or bust for NakedSword!

All Images© and courtesy NakedSword


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Giovanni Matrix & Logan Rogue’s Rumble Tumble Top @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment delivers another rump scorching man crush thrust Monday!

Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Logan Rogue puts his suave moves on hung Latin newcomer stud Giovanni Matrix and it sends the girty tool jock amorously feeling the urge to bottom out hard for a hunk cock only at Lucas Entertainment.

Matrix feels the wrath of Rogue’s ravaging rod in this rumble tumble top explosion now at Lucas Entertainment.

Video footage © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment

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Bel Ami Studs Always Swallow!

Bel Ami lads never turn down a trouser snake on the prowl looking for a warm and wet mouth, so rest assured that studs like Tim Campbell, Gregg Meyjes, Jean-Daniel, Marcel Gassion, Tony Conrad, Jamie Durrell, Jordan Faris, Aldo Belucci, Hoyt Kogan & Jerome Exupery will always be open to swallowing now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Chris Loan Cock Locks Angel Cruz’s Hole @ French Twinks

French Twinks celebrates the jocks and hunks with its latest scene as Chris Loan teams up with Spanish heartthrob Angel Cruz as they steam up the locker room with meat stuffing and rump roasting butt throttling only at French Twinks.

Loan can’t resist unleashing his hunger to cock lock Cruz’s super curvy bubble cheeks now at French Twinks.

Video footage © and courtesy French Twinks

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Jessy Karson Balls Deep Blasts Oscar Roberts @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason keeps the power fucking train going when slithering uber hung bad boy stud Jessy Karson returns to tag ream thick cock jock Oscar Roberts far up his ass only at Blake Mason.

Karson is extremely relentless and merciless in his domination of Roberts and Jessy royally balls deep blasts Oscar now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Lucas Entertainment’s Zander Craze, Stas Landon & Rafael Carreras Overindulge Big Boners

Lucas Entertainment really and truly does NOT skimp on the studs with throbbing thick inches, so trio Zander Craze, Stas Landon & Rafael Carreras are simply bulging out on control in the quest to dominate all available orifices as they overindulge boners busting hunk butts now at Lucas Entertainment.

All Images © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment


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Jessie Montgomery & Elliott Grey: Can You Fuck My Bubble Butt Now @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios twinks are thwarting everything we’ve previously known about them.

Helix Studios Exclusive plump hump star Jessie Montgomery is having some issues with his cell phone provider and Helix Studios Exclusive round mound twunk Elliott Grey is growing rather impatient waiting for it all to be done, so Elliott takes matters into his own hands and begins swallowing Jessie’s cock at Helix Studios.

Montgomery & Grey are thoroughly enjoying the succulent meat being offered up and Jessie is totally enamored with Elliott’s curves, so it stands to reason that the blond starlet would call dibs on his bud’s firm tush by jerking his cord in and out for the best coverage results only at Helix Studios.

Elliott receives the greatest phone tag service from Jessie that one could imagine and can you fuck my bubble now is the message we’re all glad to hear as Montgomery slams Grey’s thick rear now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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French Twinks Hottie Robin Castel Will Make Your Hose Drip & Leak

French Twinks’ twock newcomer Robin Castel is just one of the sublime and tasty specimens the Euro gay porn studios has to offer, so when Robin gets really dirty he has to get clean by lathering up his yummy body, but rest assured that Castel’s devilish and alluring come hither call will make your hose drip and leak now at French Twinks.

Don’t you just want to circle his drain by plugging him up at French Twinks?

All Images © and courtesy French Twinks


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Pretty Boys Suck Pretty Cocks: Claude Sorel & Kyle Archer @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami’s stable of succulent and always horny pretty boys sure do love to suck pretty cocks, as is evidenced by hotties Claude Sorel & Kyle Archer, but they love to fill up pretty holes even more, so check out Sorel & Archer trading the sword slab joust now at Bel Ami.

There’s tons of uncut meat between the sheets at Bel Ami!

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Calvin Banks Swats Logan Cross’ Cheeky Cheat Bubble Rump @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios’ new power tool jock Calvin Banks is none too happy when he discovers titillating text messages from another guy on super plump hump Helix Studios Exclusive Logan Cross’ cell phone, so to make sure it never happens again Calvin swats Logan’s cheeky cheater cheeks now at Helix Studios.

This SO needs to be followed up with Banks’ immense trouser bulge butt busting Cross’ supple rump for Helix Studios!

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Micah Brandt & Bennett Anthony: It Cuts Both Ways @ TitanMen

TitanMen really has us buzzing with the titanic pairing of uber studs Micah Brandt & Bennett Anthony as each pours on his own special brand of sexy lather only at TitanMen.

Micah goes to Bennett for a clip, but it cuts both ways, so Brandt & Anthony end up sharpening their hard tools for shearing in the rear now at TitanMen.

All Images © and courtesy TitanMen


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Those EuroboyXXX Twinks Love To Bang Gang Holes!

EuroboyXXX’s frisky and extra horny lads sure do love to plug up a butt, so Aaron Aurora, Drake Law, Cody Reed, Ethan White, Skye Romeo & Steve Agonista trot out some lengthy boners to show us just how much twinks love to bang gang holes in the part of the orgy you REALLY want to see now at EuroboyXXX.

Video footage © and courtesy EuroboyXXX

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Jo Diamond & Lukas Jensen: He’s Stretching Me Out @ PHOENIXXX

PHOENIXXX twock Jo Diamond discovers his morning wood is feeling extremely amorous and out of control, but lovely long dong plump hump twink Lukas Jensen needs to wake up and service Diamond, but Jensen’s face tells us he’s worried about his thick tush and glute being completely stretched out in this extended preview now at PHOENIXXX.

Video footage © and courtesy PHOENIXXX

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Kody Stewart Makes His Day With Topher DiMaggio’s Muscle Pumping @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys Exclusive Kody Stewart’s gold hair glistens in the sun as he meets up with stud star Topher DiMaggio for a beach romp, but in this extended preview Stewart’s sweet cheeks are truly made more golden when DiMaggio really makes his day with a beach buns muscle pumping exercise he’ll always remember now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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We Shall Not Forget Max Penn Makes A Hairy Bubble Butt Look So Enticing @ GuysInSweatPants

Apropos of nothing, GuysInSweatPants would like to remind us that we should never forget that Max Penn makes a hairy extra plump bubble butt look so very enticing, but just ask twink Christian Bay, as it’s clear he enjoyed popping Penn in his curvy tush at GuysInSweatPants.

All Images © and courtesy GuysInSweatPants


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Ashton Bradley Knows Johannes Lars’ Thick Butt Deserves To Be Slammed @ Boynapped

Boynapped tops such as power fucker Ashton Bradley certainly understand that his ultimate duty is to ram a hungry bubble booty bottom, so he’s well aware fat uncut cock twock Johannes Lars’ thick butt deserves to be slammed hard with meat now at Boynapped.

Video footage © and courtesy Boynapped

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Logan Lech Wants Deeper Analysis of Alex Couzens’ Glute @ Staxus

Staxus’ fat pole twink Logan Lech feels he should delve more into the mind of bulgey boner newcomer Alex Couzens, so Logan’s plan is to use reverse psychology and convince Alex to relax on his couch while he makes his advances at Staxus.

Lech provides a soothing environment and gets into the relaxation mood mode by taking off his clothing and then helping Couzens out of his garb to further probe his patient with gullet therapy only at Staxus.

Logan wants deeper analysis of Alex’s glute though and impatiently plows his cock in the lad for better examination of his depth for healing his hole afterwards now at Staxus.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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Tim Campbell’s Long Tool Drills Through Gregg Meyjes’ Holes @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami stud Tim Campbell is one of their most understated performers, but willowy-haired big prick jock Gregg Meyjes discovers there is nothing unassuming about his buddy when it comes to wielding his third leg at Bel Ami.

Tim’s towering long tool drills through Gregg’s holes with all the might and power it can muster up until Campbell’s hose nozzle sprays all over Meyjes’ face now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Topher DiMaggio Stuck His Fat Cock In Kody Stewart’s Mouth @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys Exclusive twink Kody Stewart once again demonstrates his capacity to handle a hefty bulge down his throat when stud jock Topher DiMaggio feels the urge to pack his gullet with beef at CockyBoys.

Topher sticks his fat cock in Kody’s mouth and in return Stewart’s cheeks seem to form a vacuum effect before DiMaggio plunders his bottom boy hole now at CockyBoys.

All Images © and courtesy CockyBoys


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AJ Alexander Makes Kamyk Walker His Open Hole @ Bulldog Pit

Bulldog Pit ensures us that twinks will never again go cruising for glorious oversized cocks the same after Kamyl Walker encounters power top stud AJ Alexander’s raging boner only at Bulldog Pit.

AJ vengefully makes Kamyk his personal open hole by ferociously shoving his hefty dong deep in the pup at his gloryhole post now at Bulldog Pit.

Video footage © and courtesy Bulldog Pit

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Justin Cross Rams His Fat Boner In Trey Bentley’s Butt @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios is now just spoiling us!

Yes, Helix Studios doles out another does of hung sultry newcomer Justin Cross and now he’s pouncing on brooding twink Trey Bentley and simply humping him down without taking a breath only at Helix Studios.

Bentley bends to Cross’ will and just allows Justin to ram his fat boner in his butt over and over again now at Helix Studios.

Trey tenderly swallows Justin’s inches but he knows not to cross sexy-eyes Cross because he’ll only get another helping of a thick slab scaling his hole right now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Stas Landon & Rafael Carreras DP Tag Ream Zander Craze @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment really delivers a fire in the hole frisky good time and now uber hunk newcomer Stas Landon has paired up with mega-meat Cuban stud porn star Rafael Carreras to really gouge naughty bottom Zander Craze’s glute only at Lucas Entertainment.

There is no one more insatiable than Zander with the studio and Rafael & Stas’ DP tag ream is another prime example of how he’ll never get enough cock cramming his ass now at Lucas Entertainment.

Video footage © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment

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