Sean Zevran & Alexy Tyler: “After Glow” Deep, Deep Blow @ Hot House

Hot House hunks know all about glute stuffing but sexy Alexy Tyler won’t get his fill of stud meat until mega-jock Sean Zevran’s thick pole has the final say and plays its role in “After Glow” only at Hot House.

Zevran’s tasty tool is a lot to handle but Tyler’s tush is delivered one deep, deep blow after another now at Hot House.

Video footage © and courtesy Hot House

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Kayden Gray & Yoshi Kawasaki: Girth “PUMPED” @ UKHotJocks

UKHotJocks should just make Kayden Gray a cast regular and have him appear in all of their productions because he is the ultimate UK stud and his fat wang is a stone winner at UKHotJocks.

Kayden spots newbie Yoshi Kawasaki at the gym and only has plans to get his new bud girth “PUMPED” up with his colossal bulge only a UKHotJocks.

Kawasaki is pressed to the max and his hole is piston and reamed out beyond muscle max now at UKHotJocks.

Video footage © and courtesy UKHotJocks

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Luke Desmond’s Big Dong Plunge In Lincoln Gates @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason brings the big dong plunge in this extended preview as hung stud Luke Desmond does deep lunges in sexy furry jock Lincoln Gates at Blake Mason.

Gates’ hole is flooded with Luke’s throbbing cock as his meaty member is fully parked now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Nick Prescott & Mike DeMarko: “Grease Monkey” Rim Packed @ TitanMen

TitanMen Exclusive Nick Prescott & Mike DeMarko are fighting the battle of the crotch bulge as they try to focus on unloading boxes from a pickup truck in “Grease Monkey” only at TitanMen.

Prescott & DeMarko have the boot lick blue balls syndrome as their rim packed pucker trucker action turns to lube job hole slamming now at TitanMen.

Video footage © and courtesy TitanMen

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CockyBoys’ “ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE ACTOR” Rises From The Fall

CockyBoys has long been the subject of whispers here and there that the studio is far too pretentious when it comes to its fantasy dramatizations of gay porn, but in many ways the nature of art itself boasts a wide array of pretenses not always celebrated or lauded by the general public, so in this manner the nature of “ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE ACTOR” highlights the fear of what we think we don’t know because we are afraid to know.

There will undoubtedly be varying readings as far as analyzing the purpose and intention of “ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE ACTOR” but overall it evokes a sense of betrayal and rising from the fall while searching and leaping toward redemption at CockyBoys.

CockyBoys Exclusive Levi Karter’s work here serves as “The One” waiting in the wings to shine and biding his time throughout the power struggle for when his day will come.

Karter’s rebirth and transformation are a new beginning, not just for him, but for the embodiment of fear rising from the ashes as we allow ourselves to be what we should have been all along.

Alas, there is also the role of CockyBoys Exclusive Tayte Hanson representing the fear and doubt we all have about our abilities and our work, where our lives are going and of our work is good enough to subsist in a dog-eat-dog world.

CockyBoys Exclusive Levi Michaels is the transition we seek with all our might as our lives are turned upside down by unexpected events beyond our control.

“ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE ACTOR” as a physical force of carnal transgressions encompasses the anguish, uncontrollable desire, the tug of war between satisfiable vs. unsatisfiable lust and the hard lessons the world teaches us about love and how fear of such can overwhelmingly take hold of our initial voice.

Yes, all of this is gut wrenching enough to take in when a microcosm of the audience is looking to tune in, turn off the world and get off, but I think in the end “ANSWERED PRAYERS” as a series is the very nature of nouveau gay porn noir as an allegory for out time as the social media world sometimes emboldens fear where love should ultimately rule us.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Hoyt Kogan’s Hot Kissable Lips @ Kinky Angels

Kinky Angels newcomer Hoyt Kogan could have easily been a fashion models strutting his stuff on the runways, but luckily for us he is showcasing his wares in the land of XXX at Kinky Angels.

Some people pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for lips like Hoyt’s and they are so luscious and highly kissable, not to mention his sparkly eyes, chiseled jawline, taut physique and lovely cock, so don’t pass up Kogan’s smoldering good looks now at Kinky Angels.

All Images © and courtesy Kinky Angels


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CockyBoys Asks “So You Wanna Be A CockyBoy?” Cock Worship Fan?

CockyBoys & Director Jake Jaxson have preserved for posterity the moment CockyBoys Exclusive thick cock bubble butt stud jock Tayte Hanson hit the gay porn industry like a meteorite in new release “So You Wanna Be A CockyBoy?” which also features smashing performances by CockyBoys Exclusives Levi Karter, Max Carter & Ricky Roman with international star Jaxon Radoc, Felix Warner & Stone plus Latin hottie couple Tony & Tico in sizzling cocky sex dalliances available now here.

Images © and courtesy CockyBoys


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Sam Truitt & Trent Ferris: The Real XXX Coupling Deal @ Next Door Twink

Next Door Twink performers Sam Truitt & Trent Ferris are truly the real XXX coupling deal and their romps are always the epitome of unfiltered life imitating art, or even art imitating life, as they provide another win for everyday guys like us at Next Door Twink.

This is not to cast aspersions on anyone else, but Sam & Trent aren’t overly polished, they are just authentically themselves and they bring a sense of realness to their work, so what some might see as flaws are actually the sexiest elements of Truitt & Ferris now at Next Door Twink.

If you are looking for a really hot flip flip and a glimpse into their private lives, then look no further than Trent swallowing Sam’s girthy salami and then hammering his hole, but later Truitt strikes back and power plunders Ferris’ hungry pucker only at Next Door Twink.

Video footage © and courtesy Next Door Twink

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Jamie Sanders & Ty Roderick: Butt Bullet Touchdown @ Icon Male

Icon Male features rugged big tool stud Ty Roderick picking up flirty twinkster bottom Jamie Sanders at the bar which leads to some butt bullet action in bed via “Football Hero” at Icon Male.

Roderick goes for a full throttle touchdown deep inside Sanders’ twinky bubble caboose now at Icon Male.

Video footage © and courtesy Icon Male

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Mickey Taylor & Lee Will Are “Absolute Sluts” In Heat @ EuroboyXXX

EuroboyXXX proves it pays to be the coat checker guy working the beat inside a hot club when sexy tattooed hung bubble butt twock Mickey Taylor shacks up with sexy-eyes Lee Will in “Absolute Sluts” only at EuroboyXXX.

Lee can’t resist checking out the benefits of Mickey’s throat skills or his thick cheeks, so Will’s cock has just the ticket to make Taylor’s night quite the bang now at EuroboyXXX.

Video footage © and courtesy EuroboyXXX

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Double Bubble Feature #2: Brent Everett, Luke Adams, Jake Bass & Bruno Bernal @ Gods of Men

It looks as if the team over at Gods of Men are attempting to break the Internet and in the process break us all down with a colossally steamy double bubble feature showcasing the talents of gay porn superstar Brent Everett, jock bubble butt Luke Adams, versatile porn star bubble butt Jake Bass and sultry Brazilian hunk bottom Bruno Bernal in scorching match-ups at Gods of Men.

It’s great to see Everett’s ripped bod back in action and he is relentlessly slaying bendy Adams’ supple buns and then we’ve got Bass firing off some impressive shots in Bernal’s plump rump all at Gods of Men.

Video footage © and courtesy Gods of Men

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CockyBoys’ “ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE ACTOR” Cast of Characters

CockyBoys & Director Jake Jaxson have unveiled the whimsical cast of characters featured in “ANSWERED PRAYERS: THE ACTOR” which is highlighted by the tagline “It all ends with a new beginning” featuring CockyBoys Exclusives Tayte Hanson, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Liam Riley & Chris Harder and debuts exclusively on Thursday, February 12 only at CockyBoys, so don’t miss the latest chapter in the mind beguiling long-running nouveau gay porn noir series from CockyBoys.

All Images © and courtesy CockyBoys


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Jacob Dixon & Anthony Verusso’s Tipping Point Tease @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios certainly made a wise power move in squiring sultry jock newcomer Anthony Verusso, as at times he sounds a lot like the “Danny Zuko” character as portrayed by John Travolta in the film version of “Grease” while sexy-eyes long dong twink performer Jacob Dixon happily guides his supple lips onto his 9″ rod only at Helix Studios.

Interestingly enough, Verusso & Dixon actually do make quite the pair as their combined jock-to-twock dreamy status adds a lot of eXXXtra strength to this romp at Helix Studios.

Watching Jacob’s prowess overpower Anthony from gullet to glute will be the tipping point for you to grab your pole and tease your tool with authentic man grease now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Staxus’ Hungry Boudoir Rompers: Johny Cruz, Shane Barret & Victor Diamond

Staxus’ horny, steamy, dreamy and reamy “Brief Encounters” are far from over as smoldering Staxus trio Johny Cruz, Shane Barret & Victor Diamond engage in sweet hole pillow talk at Staxus.

Cruz, Barret & Diamond deliver horny boudoir rump romping roasting only at Staxus.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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Kayden Gray & Nathan Gear: Pucker Plugged @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme always has a winner when hung UK stud Kayden Gray shows up to quench the thirst of meaty pole desires, so fellow big cock jock Nathan Gear is in for a serious reaming in the rear via “Hung Ladz: Deep Fuckers” only at Eurocreme.

Gray has total pucker plugging on his mind today as his wedge splits open Nathan’s glute now at Eurocreme.

Video footage © and courtesy Eurocreme

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Ronny Lamarr & Jeff Mirren: Long Wang Shower Squirts @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami takes to the showers again with Ronny Lamarr’s long ginger hose inspiring Jeff Mirren to spout off some tender suckle blows at Bel Ami.

Mirren ends up being ravenously induced to rimming out Lamarr’s fire spot and each stud sprays some shower squirt power now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Jacob Ladder & Remi Mint: Don’t Tell My Parents I’m A Cock Sucker @ Cock Virgins

Cock Virgins are always on the prowl looking for that initial trick and sexy olive-skinned stud Jacob Ladder & jockster nerd Remi Mint have no folks around to stop them from sucking cock all night long at Cock Virgins.

Friends Jacob & Remi don’t want us to tell the parents they are fucking in their bedroom and having a grand old bang of a time now at Cock Virgins.

Video footage © and courtesy Cock Virgins

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Roman Smid: Long Dong Twock Newbie @ Staxus

We simply must know where Staxus is finding all of its newest models, so now enter long dong twock newbie Roman Smid and his smoldering hot braggadocio boner at Staxus.

Roman’s big wick looks like it is plum ripe for hammering twinks with his lovely stick only at Staxus.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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Falcon Studios’ Wet Jock Dippers In “Poolside 2″

Falcon Studios doesn’t want us to dry off anytime soon and so to keep us all so very wet between the cheeks they’ve unleashed “Poolside 2″ starring Falcon Studios Exclusives Andrew Stark, Ryan Rose & Derek Atlas alongside Darius Ferdynand, Josh Conners, Jack King, Colt Rivers & Rylan Knox splashing big cocks against supple cheeks causing ripples at Falcon Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Falcon Studios

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Casey Tanner & Adam Russo: Guilty Glute Tagging @ Icon Male

Icon Male brings some seriously saucy twinky-to-daddy ratio heat when hottie Casey Tanner proceeds to guilt trip sexy furry hunk Adam Russo in tagging his hungry glute in “The Stepfather” only at Icon Male.

Watch as Tanner gets his hind banged out in guilty pleasure inter-generational lovin’ now at Icon Male.

Video footage © and courtesy Icon Male

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Marco Bill & Johnny Bloom: Cock Gulp Frenzy @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami pulls out the big guns once again with a dark-haired duo battling it out for gullet glory as uber hung Marco Bill reams out twocky Johnny Bloom’s mouth at Bel Ami.

Marco & Johnny both take the big cock gulp in a stuffing frenzy with gushing climactic spooge now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Rafael Carreras & Rico Romero Look Officially Cock Hungry For It @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment makes it eXXXtremely hard to ignore mega-hung stud hunk Rafael Carreras and his colossal dong, so sexy jock Rico Romero does his workplace duty worshiping a bossy boner at Lucas Entertainment.

Carreras & Romero look officially hungry for the cock as they play out some sleeping with the “head” man in charge fantasies now at Lucas Entertainment.

All Images © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment


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Luke Desmond Pushes His Big Cock In Lincoln Gates @ Blake Mason

I like to hungrily think of Blake Mason’s hung performer Luke Desmond as “The Cock Punisher of the UK” because he’s got a large tool and he knows how to wield it at Blake Mason.

Desmond shacks up with furry jock Lincoln Gates and wastes no time eagerly pushing his big cock deep in his partner and turning his glute every which way and so loose now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Max Carter & Bastian Hart’s Bubble Bum Porno @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios’ resident blond twocky-jock chiseled abs stud Max Carter learns that watching porn on his phone isn’t as fun as busting twink newcomer Bastian Hart’s bubble bum and making their own steamy porno only at Helix Studios.

Carter soon guides Hart in the art of swallowing his sword and savoring every moment until Max can no longer resist the urge of putting his hungry tongue between Bastian’s supple cheeks at Helix Studios.

Watch as Hart glides his succulent buns against Carter’s rock hard cock and then gets his plush tush tagged now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Jordan Thomas Hammers Shawn Allen @ Videoboys

Videoboys comes out of nowhere like a twink with a hefty bat out of hell with sexy-eyes performer Jordan Thomas teasing his paramour Shawn Allen with his hole and them just plowing him something fierce now at Videoboys.

Shawn likely never even saw it coming and was probably not given too many chances to catch his breath as Jordan just hammers his glute in relentlessly deep blows at Videoboys.

Video footage © and courtesy Videoboys

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“Ruined” Orgy Frolic Blast Continues @ Bulldog Pit

The Bulldog Pit orgy frolic blast continues in “Ruined” as Brazilian bubble butt jock Bruno Bernal now finds himself on the receiving end of hefty cocks gouging his ass from the likes of Marco DuVaul, Craig Daniel, Drew Kingston & Mickey Taylor now at Bulldog Pit.

Bernal’s bronzed buns get quite the glazing from his long dong hung buddies only at Bulldog Pit.

Video footage © and courtesy Bulldog Pit

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