Staxus’ Sizzling Hot Newcomer Charlie Keller Is Spreading Good Cheer From The Rear

As of this writing, Staxus’ sizzling hot Romanian born but Iceland dwelling newcomer Charlie Keller has thus far only been showcased in five scenes, but he’s already one of the most exciting and enthralling new models of 2017 not just for Staxus, but for the gay porn industry overall.

Sure, we’ve all seen a variety of twock models in our day, but Keller truly has the “IT” factor look for performing in gay porn, so 2018 can only get better for this dreamy guy at Staxus.

Keller’s dark tresses, lean torso, exceptionally rosy lips, big cock and penchant for bottoming make him one to watch again and again now at Staxus!

All Images © and courtesy Staxus

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