You Have Never Seen A Hottie Body As Hot As Cole Turner’s @ Helix Studios

By all accounts, Helix Studios’ stupendously dreamy long cock newcomer Cole Turner really should not even be featuring in XXX, as he could easily make a run for legitimate underwear fashion model ala 1990’s Antonio Sabato, Jr, or more currently, as a feasible replacement for Cameron Dallas.

OK, we honestly don’t even really know who the latter is, but we’ve seen his name come up a few times on social media as someone Helix Studios followers and twink genre voyeurs ogle.

Nevertheless, Cole is instantly sexy without trying too hard and his physique is the stuff of wet dreams for fans of Helix Studios.

You have never seen a twink bordering on instant twock status body as hot as Turner’s, so this guy’s boner appears very capable of delivering FIRE to any bottom hole in his glorious pole path now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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