Kevin Warhol Makes Sweet Love To Torsten Ullman’s Hole @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami turns back the clock to uncover the time superstar hottie Kevin Warhol docked his cock in jock stud newcomer Torsten Ullman at Bel Ami.

Kevin & Torsten offer up their hard tools for a mouth-watering meat feast until Warhol wets his lips munching Ullman’s glute to get him ready for his whip only at Bel Ami.

Click here to watch Kevin make sweet love to Ullman’s hole by pumping, packing and plundering the pucker loose now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Allen King & Ricky Roman’s Royal Rump Affair @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys Exclusives Ricky Roman & Allen King are so sexy together that we could literally just spend hours watching the two of them smile, giggle and tease each other as our titillating pre-cum foreplay at CockyBoys.

Ricky’s long uncut trouser snake comes out to play and Allen seductively worships oral praise on Roman’s wick before King gets the sword in his bubble only at CockyBoys.

The Roman-King combination of cock is excruciatingly hot and provocative to watch as Allen rides Ricky with his usual bouncy appeal leaving us balls-deep in jealousy now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Brad Chase & Wes Campbell: He’s A Natural Smooth Operator @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusive newcomer Wes Campbell demonstrates he’s a natural smooth operator the way his long cock commands our attentions at Helix Studios.

Helix Studios Exclusive bubble buns model Brad Chase has also taken notice of just how much he misses the lovely spooning he gets when he’s around Wes, so Campbell takes Brad home to give him a cock chaser only at Helix Studios.

Wes proves he’s very adept at casually taking charge of a hole and getting bottom boy Brad to completely surrender to sliding on his hot boner, so Chase’s plump rump is powerless to Campbell’s sublimely slick pumping moves now at Helix Studios.

It’s always a pleasure to watch a curvy round mound like Brad’s form ripples before being flattened from deep thrusts, and Wes is a great addition to the twink genre as his fresh-face appeal harkens back to a different era of 18-23 lads yearning to just perform for fun, but we’ve likely only scratched the surface with Campbell’s abilities for Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Abel Lacourt & Loic Miller: What’s In Your Undies @ French Twinks?

French Twinks pups are always being frisky on some level as they amp up their hunger for cock at French Twinks.

Abel Lacourt & Loic Miller are two rather cheeky lads comparing the size of their hoses and it gets them both very wet between the loins only at French Twinks.

Lacourt & Miller play “What’s in your undies?” and it leads to Abel & Loic slurping down boners and creaming themselves in the process now at French Twinks.

Video footage © and courtesy French Twinks

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Kayden Gray & Lucas Phelps: When Big Cocks Check Into The “HOOK-UP HOSTEL” Bottoms Perk Up @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme twink newcomer Lucas Phelps has been noticing stud jock Kayden Gray’s oversized bulge for quite some time now at Eurocreme.

Phelps finds it hard to not miss Gray’s girth swinging around all of the time in his face, so Kayden finally gives Lucas a taste of his boner in every available orifice only at Eurocreme.

When big cocks such as Gray’s check into the “HOOK-UP HOSTEL” you can be sure a bottom like Phelps will perk up to have his vacancy very filled now at Eurocreme.

Video footage © and courtesy Eurocreme

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Max Trey & Marcel Menzez: Fat Cock Sniff Stuffer Snuffer @ UKNakedMen

UKNakedMen shines the spotlight on sexy-eyes twock model Max Trey as he gets himself off to snipping stud Marcel Menzez’s athletic shoes only at UKNakedMen.

Marcel would rather Max get a whiff of his meat, so Trey gets a full taste of a fat cock stuffed inside his hole via some thrusting and bouncing now at UKNakedMen.

Video footage © and courtesy UKNakedMen

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Staxus’ “ARMY DROPOUTS” Are In The Service Of Cock Drills

Staxus sends out its alarm that the training is rigorous, but the rump drilling is even more punishing as “ARMY DROPOUTS” Titus Snow, Jacob Waterhouse, Chad Johnstone, Johnathan Strake, Johny Cherry & Luke Volta learn to take orders by dropping on their knees and welcoming bunker busting in the service of cocks via the latest Staxus movie available now here.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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Zac DeHaan Is Back To Show Off More Bulges @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami hunk Zac DeHaan has one seriously thick throbbing uncut fat cock as showcased in full pin-up glory at Bel Ami.

Zac’s physique is literally popping out everywhere as all of the blood seems to just rush right to his girthful muscle only at Bel Ami.

DeHaan is back to show us more of his bulges and he’s a total fit stud specimen now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Monday Memories: Danny Montero & Jaxon Radoc Show Us What Happens After The “SWIMBOY” Meet @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme takes us down the dripping wet poolslide glide of “Monday Memories” lane as studs Danny Montero & Jaxon Radoc show us what really happens after the “SWIMBOY” meat only at Eurocreme.

Teammates can be so darn competitive to get an edge over the other guy, so Radoc uses his thick cock to seduce Montero so he’ll be off his game only at Eurocreme.

Danny opens wide can Jaxon can dive right into his glute so they both come up with a splash of jizz now at Eurocreme.

All Images © and courtesy Eurocreme


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The Bay Way: Christian Bay, Joey Mills, Logan Cross & Tyler Hill @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios newcomer Christian Bay is quite the extra horny and super lascivious lad with a method all his own for loosening up those plump rump boys at Helix Studios!

Sure, rimming and fingering are customary practice in porn, but we’ve discovered the Bay way is to REALLY take getting those phalanges deep in a wet hole and then hungrily lapping up at the juices only at Helix Studios.

Helix Studios Exclusives Joey Mills, Logan Cross & Tyler Hill have all found out about the Bay way of the mound land via jackrabbit hammering now at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Charley Cole & Chris Jansen: What A Tangled Web We Meat Cleave To @ Boynapped

Boynapped’s extended preview is a prime example of what becomes of a tangled web we weave when blond twink bottom Chris Jansen’s thick buns are a nesting ground for jock Charley Cole to pound in his long pole only at Boynapped.

Charley really brings down the meat cleave hammer on Chris’ hole now at Boynapped.

Video footage © and courtesy Boynapped

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Julian Fox & Mike Branco: Undercover Lover @ Staxus

Staxus jock Julian Fox proves to be a rather cheeky lad as he sneaks into bed with a sleeping hung Mike Branco and grabs himself some head, but once Mike awakens he is extremely open to the idea of becoming undercover lovers with Julian and taking in a pipe dream now at Staxus.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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Josh Rider & Philip Zyos: A Portrait Of Scruffy Sexy Studs Banging @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Josh Rider’s jaunt into the wilderness proves to be a fantastical fuck journey when he stumbles up handsome gent Philip Zyos painting a beautiful scene at Lucas Entertainment.

Philip quickly takes not of Josh’s stunning physique and Zyos realizes he has found him a muse in Rider, but Philip finds more inspiration in mounting this gorgeous stranger only at Lucas Entertainment.

Josh & Philip bring out the best in each other as we witness a portrait of scruffy sex studs banging unfolding before our eyes now at Lucas Entertainment.

Video footage © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment

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Igor Voronin’s Cock Wants To Come Out & Play @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami is just chock full of new faces this year ready to cum hither at Bel Ami!

Bel Ami introduces us to juicy uncut wang newcomer Igor Voronin and the cute jock purses his lips in anticipation for wrapping them around a warm pole eager to shoot for Bel Ami.

Voronin will soon come undone alongside stud Orri Aasen next month, so until then Igor’s cock wants to come out of its shell and play now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Nathan Raider & Leo Starr: Starry Glute Raid @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason goes balls deep in the gruff scruff stuff with sexy gents Nathan Raider & Leo Starr driving a hard bargain of wood chiseling right through the hole at Blake Mason.

Leo has Nathan’s thick throbbing meat right between his cheeks and Raider isn’t letting go of Starr anytime soon as he just keeps nailing and nailing for good measure only at Blake Mason.

It’s a starry glute raid for Nathan to spread his man glaze all over Leo’s buns now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Joey Mills & Christian Bay: To Live & Lay By The Sword @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios newcomer Christian Bay has his paws all over the pups these days at Helix Studios!

Helix Studios Exclusive twink hottie Joey Mills is the latest to get his sweet butt lulled in by Bay for a hard pumping meet between the sheets only at Helix Studios.

After some eye-popping sword swallowing skills, Joey learns his hole will totally live anew from Christian’s glorious pillage and plunder thunder now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Bel Ami Preview: Gino Mosca & Peter Annaud Play Hide & Seek-A-Hole

Bel Ami continues to tease fans with the offerings that will be seen on FRESHMENDOTNET and total studs Gino Mosca & Peter Annaud are in a playful mood of their own as they play hard to get, but certainly not ever hard to get hard for Bel Ami.

Gino & Peter coyly enjoy the game of hide and seek-a-hole as they stuff themselves full of meaty cocks, but Annaud wants to annihilate Mosca’s mound with a pound in a preview at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Drae Axtell: Drink From Me @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment Exclusive hunk Drae Axtell has one of the thickest, juiciest and most succulent cocks at the NYC based powerhouse company!

Drae is undoubtedly a super sexy manly man specimen and his chiseled bod is enough to make loins soaking wet at Lucas Entertainment.

Axtell’s meat girth will have us all lining up to drink from his shower run-off so that we might all taste the essence of his studly magnetism now at Lucas Entertainment.

All Images © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment


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Ty Thomas & Alex Tanner: Don’t Be Afraid To Use The Shower In The “STR8 BAIT HOSTEL” @ Next Door World

Next Door World gives us goosebumps during the spooky season as a mysterious dildo appears and mother might not be too happy to find out Alex Tanner & Ty Thomas are using it at Next Door World.

Ty & Alex should not be afraid to use the shower in the “STR8 BAIT HOSTEL” as the only psycho thing to do would be for Tanner to not let Thomas drain his hole with some cock stabbing blows now at Next Door World.

All Images © and courtesy Next Door World


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Get Your Twink Tricks @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusives Joey Mills, Brad Chase & Sean Ford are urging fans to hollow out some holes with weenies this Halloween season as Helix Studios scares up some treats for its fans via 40% off beginning October 21 and ending on November 1 using coupon code SPOOKY40, so catch all the eye candy tricks only at Helix Studios.

Image © and courtesy Helix Studios


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Julian Fox Gives Mike Branco Some Slumber Lumber @ Staxus

Staxus twinks can never seem to get any sleep without some hung top wanting to come along and poke them in the deep at Staxus.

Julian Fox is busy pretending to read but what he’s really more interested in is waking up a snoozing Mike Branco with a heavy dose of morning wood only at Staxus.

A wet and moist bob knob around Branco thick boner is enough to stir him from dreaming, so Fox decides to go further and spring his cock into his bud’s hole now at Staxus.

Julian totally awakens Mike’s senses by giving him some slumber lumber at Staxus!

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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When Danny Montero & Johny Cruz Made Us Barstool Drool @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme wants to make our watering holes wet again as we remember the time sexy duo Danny Montero & Johny Cruz went cruising the bar and came up with a chance to sling some cock back only at Eurocreme.

Danny & Johny’s collective fever will leave you with barstool drool as they wrap their lips around some sturdy bottle rocket until Cruz hops on top of Montero and rides him until last call now at Eurocreme.

All Images © and courtesy Eurocreme


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Charley Cole Is Bound To Have His Bulge Bang Up Chris Jansen @ Boynapped

Boynapped is now enlisting thick and long wang newcomer jock Charley Cole in its twink reaming shenanigans at Boynapped!

Blond bottom Chris Jansen is all spread open and tied up just waiting for Charley to come split his cheeks apart in a display of fiery drilling only at Boynapped.

Cole is bound to have his bulge bang up Jansen’s hole with deep plundering thrusts now at Boynapped.

Video footage © and courtesy Boynapped

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Kris Karr & Cory Kane Stir Up Some Friction @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys should not keep newcomer Kris Karr away from us so long and fellow new face Cory Kane’s girth is too mouth watering not to be indulged in this extended preview only at CockyBoys.

It’s hard to pick your passion in this instance, but Karr comes on strong pulling out his topping acumen on Kane’s very willing hole with Kris driving his long uncut boner through Cory’s wet glute as they stir up some friction now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Gabriel Phoenix Cock Slams Ross Drake Up Against The Wall @ Bulldog Pit

Bulldog Pit studs are out on the prowl looking for a bone!

Bulldog Pit features scruffy sexy Gabriel Phoenix feeding his meat to an insatiably hungry Ross Drake and there’s no stopping their carnal cravings for a hard bang only at Bulldog Pit.

Phoenix rises to the occasion and slams Drake’s hole up against the wall now at Bulldog Pit.

Video footage © and courtesy Bulldog Pit

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Angel Lopez Bucks On Mike Branco’s Mast @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive newcomer Angel Lopez hides away with new hung blond model Mike Branco so they can search and destroy holes, but Lopez spends most of his time bucking on Branco’s mast now at Staxus.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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