Brad Chase Takes The Colton James Bolt Jolt @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusive Brad Chase has one of the thickest bubble derrieres among the current crop of twink models and Colton James just has to slide his 9″ tool right up those plump cheeks only at Helix Studios.

Chase hungrily takes the James bolt jolt now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Eden Starr Blasted By Kris Blent @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason has a real treat for fans as we get to witness sultry blond twock hottie Kris Blent putting his yummy pole to work by pilfering sexy jock stud Eden Starr only at Blake Mason.

Starr’s glute is quivering and blazing bright at the sight of being ream bent by Blent now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Jaro Stone Jogs His Long Log Right Down Lucas Drake’s Smooth Path @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive twink bottom newcomer Lucas Drake is one of the hottest, horniest and naughtiest fresh face pups working the Euro wood circuit right now and he’s a picture of needing to be fucked at Staxus.

Staxus Exclusive hung twock performer Jaro Stone always gets what he wants and pierces all of the yummiest holes with his hefty pole, so when a chance encounter puts him in front of blond hottie Lucas it’s no wonder a flashbulb goes off telling these two to make some magic only at Staxus.

Stone ends up jogging his long log right down Drake’s smooth and deliciously edible glute chute path now at Staxus.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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Jim Kerouac & Dario Dolce Treat Billy Cotton To Some Meat @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami’s bulging jock duo Jim Kerouac & Dario Dolce are challenging each other to a rumble of the tumble kind, but in comes Billy Cotton and he’s ripe for their plucking only at Bel Ami.

Click here to watch Jim & Dario slice up Billy’s holes as they treat him to some rather savory meat now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Angel Lopez & Johnathan Strake: Kneel Down To The Hilt @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive Angel Lopez & fat wang twink newcomer Johnathan Strake find salvation in salivating over cock before Lopez wrecks Strake’s rectum in the rectory, so it’s high time to bend over and holey kneel down to the hilt now at Staxus.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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Hoyt Kogan Can’t Resist Cockhandling Henrik Bjorn @ FRESHMEN.NET

FRESHMEN.NET is REALLY heating up as fashion model ready performer Hoyt Kogan sinks his meat into super hungry newbie Henrik Bjorn only at FRESHMEN.NET.

The throb reverberates all over the room as Kogan can’t resist cockhandling Bjorn by making him take a slide on his tool now at FRESHMEN.NET.

All Images © and courtesy FRESHMEN.NET


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Bel Ami Goes To Colombia Plus Kevin Warhol & Lars Norgaard Get Frisky

Bel Ami is expanding its reach and the famed iconic Euro gay porn brand fixture has gone to Colombia in search of some scorching specimens to make us drool over at Bel Ami.

Plus. superstar hottie Kevin Warhol & blond stud Lars Norgaard are feeling extra frisky as the amorous mood overtakes them now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Justin Dean & Junior Fernandez Just Know Hot Sex @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys’ extended previewing showcasing the smoldering jock skills of steamy pair Justin Dean & Junior Fernandez is proof that these two studs just simply know good hot sex only at CockyBoys.

There’s a hunger brimming in the air between Justin & Junior, but it’s more abundantly clearer than ever when Dean gets his chance to pop into Fernandez’s hole and both are definitely lost in the moment of emanating a lusty rump romper now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Emerson Palmer Is Ready To Do A Private Deal With You @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment has so many men us horny guys need to know all about and one such sexy gentleman is newcomer Emerson Palmer at Lucas Entertainment.

Emerson is rather dapper, suave and debonair, but he’s always willing to make a private deal with the right person, so he takes it seriously when it’s time to do his duty with office booty only at Lucas Entertainment.

All Images © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment


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Joel Vargas & Thomas Fiaty Are DEEP In The Woods Packing A Hammer @ Twinks in Shorts

Twinks in Shorts performers Joel Vargas & Thomas Fiaty have ventured out far into the forest to have themselves a private fuck frolic and Joel is going to steadily chip away at plucking Thomas’ rosebud only at Twinks in Shorts.

Vargas gives Fiaty a nice rubdown before he takes his wood deep by packing a hammer now at Twinks in Shorts.

Video footage © and courtesy Twinks in Shorts

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Gabriel Cross & Jay Austin: On Top Of The Cock Morning To You Too @ Next Door World

Next Door World features super bubble buns power bottom jock Gabriel Cross & stud Jay Austin deep in a slumber after a wild night out on the town partying, but Gabriel’s cheeks need filling and he’s intent on arousing Jay’s boner to do the deed only at Next Door World.

Austin soon rises to the occasion and Cross can’t resist bouncing on his bud’s beef in a top of the cock morning to you too salute now at Next Door World.

Video footage © and courtesy Next Door World

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Jason Domino & Johny Cruz: Doing It Dirty Style @ Bulldog Pit

Bulldog Pit studs just like to do it rough and out in the open, so Jason Domino’s powerful long dong is going to break open sexy twock Johny Cruz only at Bulldog Pit.

Domino’s deep thrusts make Cruz’s legs weak and Johny’s hole is bound to fall as he and Jason do it dirty style now at Bulldog Pit.

All Images © and courtesy Bulldog Pit


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Please Help Shove It In Matteo Lavigne @ French Twinks

French Twinks’ green-eyes twink hottie slender newcomer Matteo Lavigne is still yearning and desperately needs to be plugged only at French Twinks.

Matteo is no stranger to cock, but sometimes his buddies are just not around, so won’t you please help shove it in Lavigne in their stead now at French Twinks?

All Images © and courtesy French Twinks


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Danny Montero Is Blinded By Sam Syron’s Slithering Inches Blast @ Young Bastards

Young Bastards’ extended preview shows just how intense stud Sam Syron is when it comes to slinging his long girth into sexy jock Danny Montero’s glute and we’re sure Montero’s hole was quite loosened up by Syron’s slithering inches at Young Bastards.

It’s obvious Danny is blinded by Sam’s thick tool blast now at Young Bastards.

Video footage © and courtesy Young Bastards

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Antony Lorca & Christian Lundgren Whip Up A Splashy Stud Affair @ FRESHMEN.NET

FRESHMEN.NET jocks Antony Lorca & Christian Lundgren have us looking to take the next flight out in order to have a romp in the islands as their frolic turns up quite the fever only at FRESHMEN.NET.

Lorca & Lundgren whip up a lasciviously wet splashy stud affair as Antony & Christian go skin-on-skin now at FRESHMEN.NET.

FRESHMEN.NET is where it’s at if you want to see some of the dreamiest lads indulging their innermost carnal desires in eye candy glory!

All Images © and courtesy FRESHMEN.NET



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Helix Studios’ “EX’S & OH’S” & Ooooohs

Helix Studios staffers must be listening to an awful lot of Elle King as they title the latest movie EX’S & OH’S which features the oooohs and yessssss’ of horny bottoms getting reamed out by hard-drilling tops as showcased by the pole pillaging and glute gouging tactics of Helix Studios Exclusives Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Logan Cross & Grayson Lange alongside Helix Studios stars Casey Tanner, Andy Taylor, Blake Mitchell and Cooper Steel with Troy Accola, Dalton Briggs & Calvin Banks now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Justin Cross Wants To Shoot A Load In Kayden Alexander @ Homemade Twinks

Homemade Twinks pups Justin Cross & Kayden Alexander are feeling a bit frisky and they decide to grab a handcam and capture themselves in heat humping, bumping and pumping only at Homemade Twinks.

Justin’s long dong gets so excited by twink Kayden’s hole that he wants to shoot off a load now at Homemade Twinks.

Video footage © and courtesy Homemade Twinks

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Gabriel Clark & Kris Karr Tear Up The Sheets @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys’ extended preview featuring uber stud Gabriel Clark plundering and pummeling sexy uncut cock lovely long legs loverboy Kris Karr is an exercise in totally bringing down the house and starting a fire in the bedroom only at CockyBoys.

Gabriel & Kris really tear up the sheets as Clark’s powerful rod won’t stop piston pumping Karr’s smooth operator caboose now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Sebastian Kross & Colt Rivers: A Pole Stroll “ABOUT LAST NIGHT” @ Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios Exclusive Sebastian Kross turns his misfortune into a great experience of random sex with a hot stud when Colt Rivers catches wind of his cock flinging out for a piss outside of a popular nighttime hot spot only at Falcon Studios.

Strange trade makes the grade as Rivers invites Kross back to his pad and Sebastian doesn’t pass up the chance to flood Colt’s thick hole with a pole stroll in ABOUT LAST NIGHT now at Falcon Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Falcon Studios

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Devin Franco & Jacen Zhu Make Working Hard Overtime Look So Sexy @ Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Devin Franco & Jacen Zhu make working hard overtime look extremely sexy as they light a fire under each other to get the fucking job more than done only at Lucas Entertainment.

Co-workers cavorting has never appeared so taboo as Franco & Zhu pull out all the stops to outdo one another in the game of climbing corporate cock now at Lucas Entertainment.

Video footage © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment

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Bruno Bernal & Gabriel Taurus: The “DESTROYER” Sinks Into My Hole @ Raging Stallion Studios

Raging Stallion Studios maps out a voracious voyage for us aboard the “DESTROYER” as we learn there’s never a dull moment between horny mega-bulging seaman Bruno Bernal & Gabriel Taurus as they plan out a deep diving hole quest of their own only at Raging Stallion Studios.

Gabriel’s only journey is to plug up Bruno’s meaty buns with cock as Taurus’ tool throttles its way into Bernal’s bubble butt with anchor sinking measures now at Raging Stallion Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Raging Stallion Studios

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Hugh Hunter & Viktor Rom “HOT STUFF” Meat Splurge @ Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn proves that serendipity splurging is a real treat when hunky Hugh Hunter finds himself in a bit of trouble trying to juggle two things at once, but he discovers super bulging hung manly man Viktor Rom is right there to scoop him up only at Kristen Bjorn.

Major loins melting “HOT STUFF” begins to unfold as Rom’s rock hard hammer splices Hunter’s butt with some juicy meat now at Kristen Bjorn.

Video footage © and courtesy Kristen Bjorn

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Felix Chase & Gaston Croupier Put On A Cruising Throb Show “UNDERGROUND” @ UKHotJocks

UKHotJocks delivers one of its steamiest dalliances yet as super bubble buns newcomer Felix Chase & scruffy hunk Gaston Croupier put on one of the most seductive and intense cruising throb shows “UNDERGROUND” only at UKHotJocks.

Gaston’s gullet can’t quite get enough of bobbing on Felix’s fat knob and just when you think it can’t get any hotter Chase bends Croupier over and slams his glute with meat now at UKHotJocks.

Video footage © and courtesy UKHotJocks

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Hoyt Kogan & Rafael Moretti’s Luscious Lips & Hips Lock @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami duo Hoyt Kogan & Rafael Moretti are so steamy and dreamy that these two have the capacity to peel the paint right off the wall with their sexual heat at Bel Ami.

Hoyt & Rafael can’t contain the magnetism of their seriously smoldering body language as they succumb to the passionate embrace of a spicy suckle and knees buckle top-to-bottom combination only at Bel Ami.

Click here to watch Kogan & Moretti’s luscious lips and hips lock now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Justin Dean & Junior Fernandez: Put His Back Out With The Cock @ CockyBoys

It really looks as if CockyBoys is getting back to its core roots by injecting some fresh blood into its scenes backed by familiar faces porn fans may know, but whom are quite capable of star power performances, as the latest frolic features sexy jocks Justin Dean & Junior Fernandez delivering another saucy unbridled fuckdown only at CockyBoys.

One would be hard pressed to not be seduced by the “come hither” eye candy fuck glares Dean & Fernandez are able to emanate from their collective stud appeal, but Justin is very intent on putting Junior’s back out as he leans in with some cock punts now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Antony Lorca, Christian Lundgren, Henrik Bjorn & Hoyt Kogan: LOADED @ FRESHMEN.NET

FRESHMEN.NET has some of the juiciest Euro porn action offerings right now and to demonstrate this please allow Antony Lorca, Christian Lundgren, Henrik Bjorn & Hoyt Kogan to show us how scrumptiously amorous they are to load up their cocks and shoot into quivering holes only at FRESHMEN.NET.

All Images © and courtesy FRESHMEN.NET



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