Kayden Gray & Lucas Phelps: When You Are Happy His Bed Knob Is Going To Rattle You @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme’s extremely cute tushy bottom pup newcomer Lucas Phelps is extremely glad to be bunking next to uber girth stud jock porn star Kayden Gray in the “HOOK-UP HOSTEL” only at Eurocreme.

Lucas is beyond elated Kayden’s colossal bed knob is going to thoroughly rattle him with a wood splitting force field that will rip the sheets and his cheeks now at Eurocreme.

All Images © and courtesy Eurocreme


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Falcon Studios’ Big Cocks & Bubble Butts Give A “DEEP RELEASE”

As of this writing, Falcon Studios Exclusive superstar Brent Corrigan is set to turn 30-years-old on Halloween, so his long bulbous 8-inches and extra plump caboose have certainly helped to give many horny guys a meaningful “DEEP RELEASE” as he is joined by total mega-stud stars and Falcon Studios Exclusives Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran & JJ Knight alongside Colt Rivers, Jason Maddox, Brendan Phillips, Alexander Volkov & Brandon Rivers as they press the round mounds and deliver knockout pole pounds only for Falcon Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Falcon Studios

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Joey Mills, Brad Chase & Sean Ford: It’s Three Times The Pump Thump Factor @ Helix Studios

Two of Helix Studios’ latest and most talked about newcomers are joined by one of its most recent bubble butt wonders to bring us a poke the weenie in the hollow hole triple treat at Helix Studios.

Helix Studios Exclusives trio Joey Mills, Brad Chase & Sean Ford can’t wait to get the cream filling as they pump the plumps only at Helix Studios.

Joey, Brad & Sean teach us the old rule that you have to thump the goods in order to know whether they are ripe for the plucking now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Ricky Roman & Allen King Are Seductively Lascivious @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys Exclusives Ricky Roman & Allen King are sublimely seductive and utterly enraptured by lascivious lust in this extended preview only at CockyBoys.

Allen’s round and firmly compact cheeks practically hit you in the face and Ricky’s long throbbing uncut boner leaves you wanting a personal chew toy, so when King finds himself straddling Roman’s big prick it’s all but a guarantee you will find yourself creaming before they do now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Lucas Entertainment Previews The “COCK HUNTR” Prowl

Lucas Entertainment’s bevy of sultry hunks sure know how to make our loins smoldering moist!

Lucas Entertainment Exclusives Adam Killian, Devin Franco, James Castle, Josh Rider & Dylan James team up with Bogdan Gromov and Sean Xavier to perform some serious scorching cock quests venturing as deep as possible into glute chutes while acting as “COCK HUNTR” emissaries of Lucas Entertainment.

All Images © and courtesy Lucas Entertainment


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Austin Everett, Brandon Wilde & Drake Riley: Open That Hole, Bottom @ Next Door Buddies

Next Door Buddies watchers can now vouch for the pure fact super bubble buns star performer Brandon Wilde definitely knows his way around more than one cock at a time at Next Door Buddies.

Sexy Austin Everett leaves the apartment to get some groceries and upon unexpectedly returning he finds Brandon & Drake Riley in the middle of eating some nice plump butt, so Austin has no choice but to join the duo is some dong diddling only at Next Door Buddies.

The room temperature quickly becomes rather heated as Wilde ends up being rump roasted by Everett & Riley as they command the curvy tush bottom to open those holes now at Next Door Buddies.

Video footage © and courtesy Next Door Buddies

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Jimmy Durano Unleashes “SKUFF: ROUGH TRADE” Drill Power On Derek Bolt @ Hot House

Hot House stalwart and mega-chiseled porn star stud Jimmy Durano is a consummate professional and wields his mighty sword like no other, so when hunky butt Derek Bolt needs some order and training he knows who to go to only at Hot House.

Jimmy unleashes “SKUFF: ROUGH TRADE” drilling power on Derek as Durano shows Bolt he is both cock force master and hole dominator now at Hot House.

Video footage © and courtesy Hot House

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Zac DeHaan Is Just THICK @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami hunk Zac DeHaan is one chiseled stud and we can all handle this just fine at Bel Ami.

Zac is simply bulging out of control and his girth is a total drool fest only at Bel Ami.

DeHaan is just THICK and those manly arms would keep you warm whilst his pole makes your hole all nice and snug in this video preview now at Bel Ami.

Click here to watch Zac work his meat attack on us for Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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CockyBoys’ “THE HAUNTING” Remains A Sexy & Seductive Fright

CockyBoys has put us back in “THE HAUNTING” mode as we are reminded once again what a sexy and seductive fright tale they conjured up with glorious starry performances by Max Ryder, Dillon Rossi, Ricky Roman, Arnaud Chagall, Dale Cooper, Christian Wilde & Jake Steel as we can now take in the full spectrum of the feature only at CockyBoys.

It will also haunt fans how much Mr. Max is missed in this world of CockyBoys!

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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When Joey Mills Drops His Undies To Reveal A Big Surprise @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusive Joey Mills looks extremely innocent, but behind those eyes is a twink who knows what he wants and gets whom he wants at Helix Studios!

When Joey drops his undies he reveals for us a very BIG surprise and you’ll have to pick your jaw off the floor after taking in Mills’ twinky pole girth now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Angel Lopez & Martin Cusan: Show Me Some Riding & Bucking Rope Work @ Staxus

Staxus Exclusive Angel Lopez & Martin Cusan are all tied up in knots over how much wood they can collect at Staxus.

It’s always best to lasso in a prime hole, so Angel & Martin practice roping in some thick cord action only at Staxus.

Lopez & Cusan decide to get a bit kinky as they learn the joys of rope play with Angel requesting Martin to give his hole some rather deep lashes from riding and bucking now at Staxus.

All Images © and courtesy Staxus


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NakedSword Has Us “SCARED STIFF”

Whether it’s one part “Porky’s” shenanigans and one part “Friday the 13th” horny collegiates being sliced up and another part cheeky “Revenge of the Nerds” misfits with a tinge of “Crybaby” plus a dash of “Pineapple Express” NakedSword has us “SCARED STIFF” from what has risen forth from the hand scribe mind of Jackie Beat plus the direction of Chi Chi Larue and videography of mr.Pam for NakedSword.

Falcon Studios Exclusive Ryan Rose, Seth Santoro, Jack Hunter, Wesley Woods, Tom Faulk and Colby Keller fire up the wood and put the logging in the cabin beyond expectations in a wild and raucous rip-roaring rump romp from NakedSword.

This release could easily be a GRABBYS contender for a Best Movie nod based on the script, cast and acting, not to mention the collective serious butt pounding sex performances.

You would think this was going to be the last fuck flick these guys were ever going to make the way all of the studs deliver hole de force glute-stopping representations of unbridled pole prowess in the orgy sequence.

If you don’t get a stiffy from “SCARED STIFF” on October 31, then check your pulse with NakedSword!

Video footage © and courtesy NakedSword

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Abel Lacourt & Loic Miller: It’s Twink Time To Tap The Hose @ French Twinks

When French Twinks models are extra thirsty they playfully reach for the biggest bottlecocks to chug down some twink juice at French Twinks.

French Twinks pup Abel Lacourt & newcomer Loic Miller are feeling super frisky and amorous so they can’t help themselves when it comes to tapping hose reserves only at French Twinks.

Abel & Loic commit themselves to squeezing every last drop out of those tubes now at French Twinks.

All Images © and courtesy French Twinks


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Nathan Raider Socks The Cock To Leo Starr @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason’s extended preview shows us that sexy uncut hung hunk Nathan Raider means business when his tool goes blazing hard in tattooed stud Leo Starr only at Blake Mason.

Nathan feverishly munches Leo’s glute before Raider unleashes his sock the cock burn to Starr’s pucker now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Brendan Phillips & Mitch Hanson: Serendipitous Buzzcut Jock Studs @ Next Door Raw

Next Door Raw makes us believe in the made up adage that “Forgotten old booty is the new booty!” at Next Door Raw.

Brendan Phillips & Mitch Hanson are former acquaintances becoming rather very reacquainted with the idea of getting between the sheets once they remember how sexy the other is only at Next Door Raw.

It’s a serendipitous buzz cut in the butt as jock studs Brendan & Mitch play hide the beef inside the thick buns now at Next Door Raw.

Video footage © and courtesy Next Door Raw

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Jesse Jackman & Lorenzo Flexx: “PAROLE” In The Hole Frisk @ TitanMen

TitanMen Exclusive uber hunk Jesse Jackman has come to do a surprise check on studly Lorenzo Flexx and he catches the ex-convict off guard, but Jesse is keen to do a thorough check to see if Lorenzo is hiding any contraband up his butt only at TitanMen.

Jackman does a deep “PAROLE” in the hole frisk on Flexx using all his muscle might now at TitanMen.

Video footage © and courtesy TitanMen

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Kevin Warhol Makes Sweet Love To Torsten Ullman’s Hole @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami turns back the clock to uncover the time superstar hottie Kevin Warhol docked his cock in jock stud newcomer Torsten Ullman at Bel Ami.

Kevin & Torsten offer up their hard tools for a mouth-watering meat feast until Warhol wets his lips munching Ullman’s glute to get him ready for his whip only at Bel Ami.

Click here to watch Kevin make sweet love to Ullman’s hole by pumping, packing and plundering the pucker loose now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Allen King & Ricky Roman’s Royal Rump Affair @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys Exclusives Ricky Roman & Allen King are so sexy together that we could literally just spend hours watching the two of them smile, giggle and tease each other as our titillating pre-cum foreplay at CockyBoys.

Ricky’s long uncut trouser snake comes out to play and Allen seductively worships oral praise on Roman’s wick before King gets the sword in his bubble only at CockyBoys.

The Roman-King combination of cock is excruciatingly hot and provocative to watch as Allen rides Ricky with his usual bouncy appeal leaving us balls-deep in jealousy now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Brad Chase & Wes Campbell: He’s A Natural Smooth Operator @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusive newcomer Wes Campbell demonstrates he’s a natural smooth operator the way his long cock commands our attentions at Helix Studios.

Helix Studios Exclusive bubble buns model Brad Chase has also taken notice of just how much he misses the lovely spooning he gets when he’s around Wes, so Campbell takes Brad home to give him a cock chaser only at Helix Studios.

Wes proves he’s very adept at casually taking charge of a hole and getting bottom boy Brad to completely surrender to sliding on his hot boner, so Chase’s plump rump is powerless to Campbell’s sublimely slick pumping moves now at Helix Studios.

It’s always a pleasure to watch a curvy round mound like Brad’s form ripples before being flattened from deep thrusts, and Wes is a great addition to the twink genre as his fresh-face appeal harkens back to a different era of 18-23 lads yearning to just perform for fun, but we’ve likely only scratched the surface with Campbell’s abilities for Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Abel Lacourt & Loic Miller: What’s In Your Undies @ French Twinks?

French Twinks pups are always being frisky on some level as they amp up their hunger for cock at French Twinks.

Abel Lacourt & Loic Miller are two rather cheeky lads comparing the size of their hoses and it gets them both very wet between the loins only at French Twinks.

Lacourt & Miller play “What’s in your undies?” and it leads to Abel & Loic slurping down boners and creaming themselves in the process now at French Twinks.

Video footage © and courtesy French Twinks

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Kayden Gray & Lucas Phelps: When Big Cocks Check Into The “HOOK-UP HOSTEL” Bottoms Perk Up @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme twink newcomer Lucas Phelps has been noticing stud jock Kayden Gray’s oversized bulge for quite some time now at Eurocreme.

Phelps finds it hard to not miss Gray’s girth swinging around all of the time in his face, so Kayden finally gives Lucas a taste of his boner in every available orifice only at Eurocreme.

When big cocks such as Gray’s check into the “HOOK-UP HOSTEL” you can be sure a bottom like Phelps will perk up to have his vacancy very filled now at Eurocreme.

Video footage © and courtesy Eurocreme

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Max Trey & Marcel Menzez: Fat Cock Sniff Stuffer Snuffer @ UKNakedMen

UKNakedMen shines the spotlight on sexy-eyes twock model Max Trey as he gets himself off to snipping stud Marcel Menzez’s athletic shoes only at UKNakedMen.

Marcel would rather Max get a whiff of his meat, so Trey gets a full taste of a fat cock stuffed inside his hole via some thrusting and bouncing now at UKNakedMen.

Video footage © and courtesy UKNakedMen

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Staxus’ “ARMY DROPOUTS” Are In The Service Of Cock Drills

Staxus sends out its alarm that the training is rigorous, but the rump drilling is even more punishing as “ARMY DROPOUTS” Titus Snow, Jacob Waterhouse, Chad Johnstone, Johnathan Strake, Johny Cherry & Luke Volta learn to take orders by dropping on their knees and welcoming bunker busting in the service of cocks via the latest Staxus movie available now here.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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Zac DeHaan Is Back To Show Off More Bulges @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami hunk Zac DeHaan has one seriously thick throbbing uncut fat cock as showcased in full pin-up glory at Bel Ami.

Zac’s physique is literally popping out everywhere as all of the blood seems to just rush right to his girthful muscle only at Bel Ami.

DeHaan is back to show us more of his bulges and he’s a total fit stud specimen now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami


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Monday Memories: Danny Montero & Jaxon Radoc Show Us What Happens After The “SWIMBOY” Meet @ Eurocreme

Eurocreme takes us down the dripping wet poolslide glide of “Monday Memories” lane as studs Danny Montero & Jaxon Radoc show us what really happens after the “SWIMBOY” meat only at Eurocreme.

Teammates can be so darn competitive to get an edge over the other guy, so Radoc uses his thick cock to seduce Montero so he’ll be off his game only at Eurocreme.

Danny opens wide can Jaxon can dive right into his glute so they both come up with a splash of jizz now at Eurocreme.

All Images © and courtesy Eurocreme


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The Bay Way: Christian Bay, Joey Mills, Logan Cross & Tyler Hill @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios newcomer Christian Bay is quite the extra horny and super lascivious lad with a method all his own for loosening up those plump rump boys at Helix Studios!

Sure, rimming and fingering are customary practice in porn, but we’ve discovered the Bay way is to REALLY take getting those phalanges deep in a wet hole and then hungrily lapping up at the juices only at Helix Studios.

Helix Studios Exclusives Joey Mills, Logan Cross & Tyler Hill have all found out about the Bay way of the mound land via jackrabbit hammering now at Helix Studios.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios


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