Jarrod Lanvin’s Pretty Pucker Gaped Open By Peter Annaud’s Colossal Girth @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami sexy jock Jarrod Lanvin learns thick tool stud Peter Annaud’s size is a matter of extreme concern which needs major prep time, but Annaud powers through totally butt blasting Lanvin’s furry golden pink glute muscle only at Bel Ami.

Jarrod’s pretty pucker is nonetheless left thoroughly gaped open by Peter’s towering colossal girth slamming moves now at Bel Ami.

Video footage © and courtesy Bel Ami

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Jamie Ray & Dustin Cook: No One Is Home Yet So Hurry Up And Fuck My Twink Brains Out @ 8TEENBOY

8TEENBOY models Jamie Ray & Dustin Cook are incredibly horny and in dire need of having their holes wedged out with wood, so Cook & Ray have to take full advantage of having an empty house to themselves so they can plow away the day and bust some boy loads only at 8TEENBOY.

Jamie & Dustin have to eagerly get in a quickie as each reassures the other no one is home yet, so they had better hurry up and fuck each others’ twink brains out now at 8TEENBOY.

All Images © and courtesy Helix Studios-8TEENBOY

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Pip Caulfield, Sven Basquiat & Kirk Gauguin Are Pole Packing In “VIVA COLOMBIA” Paradise @ FRESHMEN.NET

FRESHMEN.NET trio Pip Caulfield, Sven Basquiat & Kirk Gauguin have one of the hottest trysts of the year as their passionate erupts in a steamy threesome which has throbbing uncut cock dripping in pre-cum as holes are triple banged only at FRESHMEN.NET.

Basquiat, Caulfield & Gauguin are carnivorously pole packing in “VIVA COLOMBIA” paradise ecstasy now at FRESHMEN.NET.

All Images © and courtesy FRESHMEN.NET

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Ron Negba & Rudy Stone: Damn, Twinks Can Butt Punt Hard Too @ Staxus

Staxus blond hottie Ron Negba is quite fed up with his fat cock jock beau Rudy Stone being too fixated on the game, so Negba initiates his own sporting life which includes coaxing Stone into fucking his twinky hole only at Staxus.

Rudy isn’t the only one loosening up a tight end because Ron strikes back with his own glory hole pitch proving twinks can butt punt hard too now at Staxus.

Video footage © and courtesy Staxus

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It’s Just Your Luck You Can Save A Buck When They Fuck: St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Deals

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and it’s just your luck that we can all save a buck when they fuck, so check out these GREEN savings from some of your favorite XXX studios.

Plus, it seems the Eastern Bunny may have gotten confused and wants us to hop forward and save on cream.

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Kevin Warhol & Misha Akunin DP Ream Gino Mosca @ Bel Ami

Sometimes the Bel Ami action is too intense just to be confined in one scene, so after superstar hotties Kevin Warhol & Gino Mosca pair up to power plunder pack Misha Akunin’s hole it’s only right for Akunin to strike back by teaming with Warhol to lustily nail Mosca’s pretty boy pucker only at Bel Ami.

Kevin & Misha are all fired up feverishly and mercilessly DP ream banging Gino until there’s a triple rush to cream bust now at Bel Ami.

All Images © and courtesy Bel Ami

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Someone Come And Sit On Helmut Huxley’s Long Dong @ FRESHMEN.NET

FRESHMEN.NET star Helmut Huxley is just beyond too dreamy for his own good, so his uncut meat is a scintillating “VIVA COLOMBIA” treat as Huxley’s seductive charm, cheeky wiles and frisky playful aura send us into a pre-cum fit while begging for his rod to bust open our buns slit only at FRESHMEN.NET.

We’re guessing there are plenty of us whom wish to sit on Helmut’s incredibly lovely long dong now at FRESHMEN.NET.

All Images © and courtesy FRESHMEN.NET

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Paul Delay & Gabriel Lambert: Stretch My Twink Hole Wide & Wet @ French Twinks

French Twinks duo Paul Delay & Gabriel Lambert decide to kick things up a notch and really put their holes to the test by trotting out a pair of dildos and stuffing their asses to the limits, but that’s not enough for piggy twink bottom boy Delay who needs his butt reamed, plowed and wrecked by Lambert’s fat twock cock only at French Twinks.

Paul begs, pleads and moans for Gabriel to just let loose and stretch out his pink glute muscle while it’s wide and wet now at French Twinks.

Video footage © and courtesy French Twinks

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Get That Hot Twink Hole Cum Soaking Wet In “SHOWER SEX” @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios knobs are ready to blow and the sticky spunk is going to spray all over succulent and plump buns as dirty boys need to get clean and wash away their sins, so Helix Studios Exclusives Joey Mills, Landon Vega, Tyler Hill, Ashton Summers & Evan Parker team up with Cole Claire, Shane Cook, Troy Accola & Justin Owen to heat up steam by getting those hot twink holes cum soaking wet in “SHOWER SEX” now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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Bryce Foster & Tristan Adler: It’s Twink Power Hose Spray Time @ 8TEENBOY

8TEENBOY pups will do anything and whatever it takes to lure boys over to their lair in order to fuck, so blond lad Bryce Foster invites school chum Tristan Adler over to his abode, but Foster is all slippery shower wet and seduces Adler’s pole to slip and slide inside his warm pie only at 8TEENBOY.

It’s twinky power hose spray time when Tristan & Bryce’s pocket sprockets steam up the walls and leave boner fully drained of twink juice only at 8TEENBOY.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios-8TEENBOY

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Cameron Hilander Goes Balls Deep In Blond Twink Oliver Thompson @ Boycrush

Boycrush model Cameron Hilander is hornier than ever at the mere sight of newbie Oliver Thompson’s golden glute chute at his disposal to pluck and plunder by the stroke of his cock luck only at Boycrush.

Cameron works his pole all the way inside Oliver’s hole as Hilander really goes balls deep into blond twink Thompson for raw load pump gleaning now at Boycrush.

Video footage © and courtesy Boycrush

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Leonardo Lucatto & Mario Galeno: “THE GIFTED STUDENT” Always Takes His Cock Lashing @ Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn stud Mario Galeno needs a respite from all of his intense academic commitments, so once he spots bulging hunk Mario Galeno there’s an apt opportunity to score another A+ in ASS proficiency only at Kristen Bjorn.

Leonardo & Mario’s joint anatomy session teaches us “THE GIFTED STUDENT” always takes his cock lashing with the scores arriving whilst still sore now at Kristen Bjorn.

Video footage © and courtesy Kristen Bjorn

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Kurtis Wolfe & Sergeant Miles: How Many Times Does My Hole Have To Tell You “SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!” @ Raging Stallion Studios

Raging Stallion Studios hunks Kurtis Wolfe & Sergeant Miles simply wish to dispense with all the prerequisite pillow talk and get right to the hard hammering as Wolfe’s furry trap is prime real estate for Miles’ sturdy log to drill, drill and drill only at Raging Stallion Studios.

Kurtis wonders how many times does his hole have to tell Sergeant’s raging rod to “SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!” now at Raging Stallion Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Raging Stallion Studios

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Wesley Woods Is “HUNGRY FOR MOORE” Of Josh Moore’s Wood Carving @ Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios performers Wesley Woods & Josh Moore are up to some frisky scruff stuff when Josh Moore is trying to chill out in bed, but eternally horny Wesley just wants a savory taste of Josh’s cock only at Falcon Studios.

When Woods feels the need he wants some Moore, so Wesley is carnivorously “HUNGRY FOR MOORE” of Josh’s bed knob wood carving skills now at Falcon Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Falcon Studios

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And Just Look How Happy Greyson Lane Is To Get His Hole Raw Reamed By Mateo Vice @ GuysInSweatPants

GuysInSweatPants has a penchant for finding guys whom at first glance you just know they are well-versed in the art of sucking and fucking, so jock hottie newcomer Greyson Lane has the “IT” factor and extra steamy stud Mateo Vice’s fat cock is going to tap Lane’s bottoming resources until Vice is fully drained of all his loads only at GuysInSweatPants.

We’ve not seen someone so thrilled to be drilled in quite some time the way Greyson keeps a smirk on his face whilst looking back at Mateo in the middle of being slammed, but just look how happy Lane is to get his horny hole raw reamed by Vice in a scorching debut now at GuysInSweatPants.

A brilliant decision to pair Greyson with Mateo because both have succulent wedges for gullet and glute impaling all day long at GuysInSweatPants.

You just don’t see this sort of unscripted and unabashed pure sexual energy everywhere!

All Images © and courtesy GuysInSweatPants

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Jimmy Durano & Rex Regan: “SPOT ME” In Some Major Stud Cock Lifting @ Hot House

Hot House features mega-chiseled bubble buns hunk porn star Jimmy Durano as the ultimate trainer and handsome gent Rex Regan really wants the bulge results he’s seeing at the gym, so naturally Durano takes it upon himself to put Regan’s rump through one rigorous pumping and tool throttling session only at Hot House.

Rex paid in full for Jimmy to give him intense “SPOT ME” and stretch my glute cock lifting repetitions now at Hot House.

Video footage © and courtesy Hot House

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President Lee & Elder Ingles: Mission Into Butt Fuck Submission @ MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz leader President Lee feels Elder Ingles needs to worship at the altar more, so the hunk has the hairy lad kneel before him and swallow the sword until Lee’s cock sacrifices Ingles’ hole only at MormonBoyz.

Lee’s mission is to fuck Ingles into complete submission now at MormonBoyz.

Video footage © and courtesy MormonBoyz

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Jared Shaw Is A Sexy Jock With A Thick Knob Throb @ Badpuppy

Badpuppy is making us all very hot in here with dark-haired stud babe Jared Shawn getting naked and showing all his chiseled bod and fat boner just yearning to be milked, but the jizz must be lapped up by hungry bottoms only at Badpuppy.

It’s obvious Shaw is a very seductive male specimen and Jared is one sexy jock with a thick knob throb now at Badpuppy.

Video footage © and courtesy Badpuppy

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Jack Taylor’s Power Pole Punt “SPORTZ” Balls Frankie Quinn @ UKHotJocks

UKHotJocks studs Jack Taylor & Frankie Quinn teach us the goal is to score right in the hole, so super smoldering Taylor has sexy Quinn caught right in his net and he’s going all the way down the tight end only at UKHotJocks.

Jack’s topping is a winner as his power pole punting drills leave Frankie totally “SPORTZ” balled now at UKHotJocks.

Video footage © and courtesy UKHotJocks

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Jonas Jackson Knows Youri Chevalier Needs To Be Hunk Humped @ Blake Mason

Blake Mason jock Youri Chevalier was in dire need of a piece of stud meat, so burly Jonas Jackson took it upon himself to slice open those furry cheeks and slam in some hearty ham only at Blake Mason.

Jonas knows when Youri requires deeper and deeper thrusts whilst being hunk humped to the wall now at Blake Mason.

Video footage © and courtesy Blake Mason

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Johannes Lars & Elliott Holloman: Grab Some Of My Bubble Butt @ Badpuppy

Badpuppy presents Elliott Holloman, aka Connor Rex, trying to watch the tube, but plump bump twock Johannes Lars is too busy starting at the growing tent in his bud’s pants, so Lars can’t help but to get Holloman’s antennae out and convince his pal to plug him up only at Badpuppy.

Elliott is just hard wired to grab some of Johannes’ bubble butt for its amplified magnitude and ripple effect now at Badpuppy.

Video footage © and courtesy Badpuppy

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Leo Forte, Timarrie Baker, Wesley Woods & Timothy Drake Get Quite The Asseducation “BERKELEY: SOPHOMORE YEAR” @ NakedSword

NakedSword has academia getting a bit TOO progressive with the liberals and conservatives battling it out to see which group can be the dirtiest in private, as sexy stud Leo Forte finds out from Timarrie Baker the hard consequences of cancelling a troubling talking head, but previously hunky Wesley Woods takes his recruitment duties far and wide when he arrives at twocky Timothy Drake’s home, though one wonders what the deans on campus would say about all of the fucking going on whilst Fore, Baker, Woods & Drake are offering up booty to garner an “asseducation” at “BERKELEY: SOPHOMORE YEAR” now at NakedSword.

Video footage © and courtesy NakedSword

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Ashton Summers & Troy Accola: And Now You Know What A Hot Jock Cock Throb Tastes Like @ CockyBoys

CockyBoys’ extended preview featuring steamy studs Ashton Summers & Troy Accola reminds us of what the remnants of a burning bed can look like after the effects of Summers’ simmering wood royally roast Accola’s ass only at CockyBoys.

Ashton & Troy have come to deliver as the carnal friction sets a flicker to flame throwing temperature, so now we all know what a hot jock cock throb tastes and smells like now at CockyBoys.

Video footage © and courtesy CockyBoys

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Marc Ruffalo & Rhys Jagger Pump A Double Dose Of Jock Jizz Into Marcel Gassion @ Bel Ami

Bel Ami studs Marc Ruffalo & Rhys Jagger can’t wait to cum dump and unload into hunky Marcel Gassion’s hole as they each take turns slamming his hole with meat in rigorous rump roast poking only at Bel Ami.

Marc & Rhys really work up a source of sweat and steam as the duo pumps a double dose of jock jizz into Marcel now at Bel Ami.

Video footage © and courtesy Bel Ami

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Mario Borges’ “VIVA COLOMBIA” Beef Stick Is Calling New Arrivals @ FRESHMEN.NET

FRESHMEN.NET introduces us to another Colombian lovely and his name is Mario Borges, but the olive-skin jock’s seductive come hither eyes, venous throbbing cock and fat butt are enough to make us want to instantly book a flight for one night of Borges’ private tourism special only at FRESHMEN.NET.

Mario’s “VIVA COLOMBIA” beef stick is calling for new arrivals to worship on their knees and then on all fours now at FRESHMEN.NET.

Video footage © and courtesy FRESHMEN.NET

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Tyler Hill & Aiden Garcia: Help Me Pop A Load In @ Helix Studios

Helix Studios Exclusive Tyler Hill’s bubble butt looks rather moist after a sweaty workout in the gym, so hung lad Aiden Garcia is tending to the chore of preparing the dirty laundry, but one sniff of Hill’s jock strap and Garcia needs to do some deep lunges in his bud’s round mound only at Helix Studios.

Aiden’s bulge requires Tyler’s thick tush to help him pop a load or two in now at Helix Studios.

Video footage © and courtesy Helix Studios

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